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What’s Trending at Online Dispensaries in Canada?

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What's Trending at Online Dispensaries in Canada?

As Canada’s cannabis landscape continues to evolve, online dispensaries are at the forefront of delivering innovative products to meet the ever-expanding consumer preferences.

Dive into the latest trends shaping the online weed dispensaries in Canada, and discover how consumer behaviors, regulatory support, and product innovations are driving the industry forward.

What Are the Current Trends at Canada’s Online Dispensaries?


The cannabis industry in Canada continues to flourish, showing a steady growth in sales and consumer engagement. Here are some of the notable trends observed:

Consumer Preferences Evolving

Canadian cannabis consumers display a diverse range of preferences.

Flowers and pre-rolls remain the most popular products among consumers, with 7 in 10 cannabis users enjoying these forms. Furthermore, a new product, milled flower, gained traction in 2022, with 2 in 10 flower/pre-roll users showing interest in this product. Besides, gummies stand as the second-most popular product, followed by a rising trend in cannabis-infused beverages.

This shift towards a broader spectrum of cannabis products shows a maturing market and evolving consumer preferences​[1]​.


Sales and Revenue Growth

The cannabis market in Canada continues on an upward trajectory despite facing challenges like supply chain issues.

For instance, cannabis sales in Alberta, BC, Ontario, and Saskatchewan have been growing steadily since 2019, with a notable 157% increase from May 2020 to May 2023.

In particular, Ontario and BC experienced triple-digit sales increases of 295.8% and 140% respectively during this period​[2]​.

Infused Pre-Rolls and Innovation in Flower Products

The pre-roll category, experiencing robust year-over-year sales growth, saw the introduction of potency additions like kief, hash, diamonds, rosin, among others, either outside or inside the pre-roll.

The infusion of such elements has led to a spectrum of infused pre-roll formats in 2023.

Additionally, significant innovations have occurred in flower products, such as the emergence of infused pre-rolls and pre-milled flower offerings, providing consumers with ultra-potent THC experiences and aroma-specific packs​[3]​.

Increase in Cannabinoid Awareness and Usage


There’s a rising trend in the awareness and usage of different cannabinoids. While THC-dominant cannabis remains popular, around one-fifth of Canadian cannabis consumers use CBD-only products.

Moreover, 60% of users enjoy a THC:CBD balanced or CBD-dominant product, indicating a growing interest in varying cannabinoid profiles.

There’s also a small segment of consumers exploring minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBN, and CBG, showcasing an opportunity for brands to educate consumers and incorporate a broader range of cannabinoids in their products​[1]​.

Integration of Cannabis into Everyday Life

The integration of cannabis into everyday life reflects a shift in societal attitudes towards cannabis.

Research indicates a growing acceptance and recreational use of cannabis, with a wide range of customers integrating the use of cannabis into their daily routine as of 2023.

This trend is expected to persist, fostering a conducive environment for both consumers and industry stakeholders​[4]​.

New Opportunities in Product Development and Employment

With the continuous growth and legalization support, there has been a surge in small-scale businesses, sparking creativity in product offerings like weed edibles, beverages, topicals, food items, oils, extracts, and vape pens.

This trend not only stimulates product diversification but also opens up employment opportunities, especially for individuals with cannabis education.

The ongoing mergers and acquisitions within the industry further provide a dynamic environment for both existing businesses and new entrants​[4]​.



These ongoing trends depict a positive outlook for the cannabis industry and online dispensaries in Canada, backed by a blend of consumer engagement, product innovation, and regulatory support, fostering a thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

With each passing trend, Canada’s cannabis industry is not just growing; it’s thriving with a promise of more diversified and consumer-centric offerings in the pipeline.

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