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UN Issues Record Emergency Funding Appeal Of $51.5 Bln For Next Year

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UN Issues Record Emergency Funding Appeal Of $51.5 Billion For Next Year

(CTN NEWS) – GENEVA: In response to the Ukraine war and other conflicts, climate emergencies, and the still-simmering pandemic, the UN is appealing for record funding for aid next year.

According to the UN’s annual Global Humanitarian Overview, 339 million people globally will require emergency assistance in the upcoming year – a startling 65 million more people than the forecast from the previous year.

Martin Griffiths, the UN’s chief of humanitarian affairs, told reporters in Geneva that the number was both “phenomenal” and “depressing,”

Adding that meant “next year is going to be the greatest humanitarian program” the world had ever seen.

The third-largest country in the world, after China and India, will be home to all those in need of immediate assistance, he claimed.

In addition, the updated forecast indicates that one in 23 persons will require assistance in 2023 as opposed to one in 95 in 2015.

Griffiths characterized the humanitarian needs as “shockingly high” as the harsh events from 2022 continue into 2023.

He also mentioned the conflict in Ukraine, which “has transformed a chunk of Europe into a battlefield,” saying that deadly droughts and floods are wreaking havoc in communities from Pakistan to the Horn of Africa.

UN Issues Record Emergency Funding Appeal Of $51.5 Bln For Next Year

As A “Lifeline”

According to the yearly plea by UN agencies and other humanitarian organizations, it would cost a record $51.5 billion to aid the 230 million most vulnerable people across 68 nations.

That was an increase from the $41 billion asked for in 2022, even though the number was raised to about $50 billion throughout the year, with less than half of that proposed amount paid.

According to Griffiths, “this appeal offers a lifeline for those at risk.”

The report painted a sad picture of rising requirements caused by various conflicts, deteriorating instability, and a worsening environmental crisis.

Griffiths proclaimed, “There is no question that current on-steroids patterns will continue into 2023.”

The UN warned that the world is currently experiencing the “largest global food shortage in modern history” adue to the converging crises.

By the end of the year, 45 million people in 53 countries are predicted to experience severe food insecurity, making up at least 222 million people who could potentially go hungry.

Griffiths states, “five countries now are experiencing what we call famine-like conditions, and we can confidently, regrettably, declare that people are dying as a result.”

These nations have experienced “catastrophic hunger” in some of their populations this year, but no official famines have been declared in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Haiti, Somalia, or South Sudan.

UN Issues Record Emergency Funding Appeal Of $51.5 Bln For Next Year

The UN says that If all the people in need of aid were in one country, it would be the third-largest nation in the world, after China and India. (AA)

More Than 100 Million People Are Homeless

In the meantime, forced migration is on the rise, marking the first time that 100 million people—more than 1% of the world’s population—are refugees, asylum seekers, or internally displaced.

Griffiths added, mentioning outbreaks of mpox, formerly known as monkeypox, Ebola, cholera, and other diseases, “And all of this on top of the destruction caused by the pandemic among the world’s poorest.”

Several nations have suffered greatly due to conflicts, not the least of which is Ukraine, where millions are now in desperate need as a result of Russia’s invasion on a large scale in February.

In addition to providing $5.7 billion in aid to the millions of Ukrainians and their host population in neighboring nations, the global humanitarian strategy aims to give $1.7 billion in cash support to 6.3 million people living inside the war-torn nation.

UN Issues Record Emergency Funding Appeal Of $51.5 Bln For Next Year

The new UN analysis has estimated that one in 23 people will need help in 2023, compared to one in 95 back in 2015. (Reuters)


A further eight million Afghans and their hosts in the area also require aid, bringing the total number of people in need in drought-stricken Afghanistan—where the Taliban swept back into power last year—to over 28 million.

For that combined disaster, more than $5 billion has been requested, and more billions have been asked to assist the millions of individuals affected by the protracted wars in Syria and Yemen.

The appeal also emphasized the catastrophic circumstances in Ethiopia, where a two-year conflict in Tigray and a deteriorating drought have desperately left over 29 million people in need of aid.

In light of these enormous demands, Griffiths expressed his hope that 2023 would be a year of “solidarity, just as 2022 has been a year of sorrow.”


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