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Trio Slated To Bid Checks For Satellite Orbital Slot On January 15th



Trio Slated To Bid Checks For Satellite Orbital Slot On January 15th

(CTN NEWS) – According to a source at the agency’s board, the three companies that submitted envelopes to participate in the satellite orbital slot auction scheduled for January 15 have preliminary passed qualification checks by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

The telecom regulator is expected to officially approve their names on Tuesday.

The group consists of National Telecom, a telecom state firm; Prompt Technical Services, an electrical installation service provider incorporated in 2000; and Space Tech Innovation, a subsidiary of Thaicom, a satellite service provider listed on the SET (NT).

At its meeting on Tuesday, the NBTC board is expected to authorize the three companies’ participation in the auction, according to the source, who asked to remain anonymous.

Trio Slated To Bid Checks For Satellite Orbital Slot On January 15th

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According to the source, the board had originally planned to accept the three companies’ participation in the auction on Monday, but the specifics of such a resolution had not yet been finalized.

According to the source, the resolution needed to have a few phrases changed to avoid any potential legal issues and allow for a unanimous vote of approval.

Some organizations have criticized the auction for creating a monopoly in the telecom sector. Warong Dechgitvigrom, the leader of the Thai Pakdee (Loyal Thai) party, is one of the main rivals.

On Friday, protesters gathered in front of the NBTC office to voice their opposition to the auction, arguing that NT, a state-owned company, should directly manage the satellite orbital slots.

According to the source, the NBTC management would inform the board of the opposition component for acknowledgment.

According to the source, the NBTC office has informed the Thai Pakdee party in writing that the telecom business management master and frequency management plan is conducting the auction.

Five slot packages are available in the auction, with prices starting at 374 million baht for the 50.5° East and 51° E package, 360 million for the 78.5° East package, and 189 million for the 119.5° East and 120° E package.

He said that the NBTC will ensure the bid is open and free of collusion. He said the winner will be the bidder who provides the highest price in the auction’s last round.

AM Thanapant rejected a recommendation that the auction is scrapped and National Telecommunications be given the satellite orbital slot packages, citing Section 60 of the Constitution.

Which states that the state is required to protect the rights of access to satellite orbit frequencies for the benefit of the nation and its citizens.

He added that if the auction is called off and the rights are given to National Telecommunications, it might violate the Constitution’s prohibition on monopolistic business and run the risk of facing criticism from the International Telecommunications Union.

He said that the NBTC, which is in charge of managing the rights, must promote free and fair competition in satellite communication services.

He reiterated that the public interest in holding the auction is the NBTC’s top priority, as evidenced by one of the terms of reference.

Which requires the successful bidder to grant the government unrestricted use of one broadcast transponder, a 400 Mbps data broadband channel per satellite.

One day before the auction date, a practice auction will be held.


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