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California Braces For First Tropical Storm In 84 Years With Hurricane Hilary

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California Braces For First Tropical Storm In 84 Years With Hurricane Hilary

(CTN News) – First tropical storm to hit California in 84 years is preparing the state for a rare event.

Hurricane Hilary, which rapidly intensified in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Mexico, is predicted to bring heavy rain and flash flooding to the state.

Residents and officials alike are paying attention to Hurricane Hilary, the first tropical storm to hit the state since 1939.

The California coastline is bracing for potentially significant impacts as the storm intensifies. In spite of Hilary’s predicted weakening before landfall, the rainfall it will produce remains a serious concern. A short period of rain could result in flash floods and other hazards, forecasters predict.

Local authorities have issued flood warnings and advised residents to prepare for the impending deluge. Due to the storm’s projected path,

Southern California and the Southwest region are particularly at risk from the storm.

West Coast weather experts and scientists have noted the unusual nature of this event. It is more common for tropical storms and hurricanes to occur on the East Coast or the Gulf of Mexico, making their arrival on the West Coast rare.

Flooding is only one of the potential impacts of Hurricane Hilary. Heavy rainfall from the storm could help replenish water supplies and recharge groundwater levels in drought-stricken areas.

Also, the increased cloud cover and precipitation are expected to bring a significant drop in temperatures, providing relief from the scorching heat.

National Hurricane Center forecasters warn that Hilary could become a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds exceeding 130 mph. Approximately 500 miles south-southeast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the hurricane has generated sustained winds of 105 mph.

The storm is progressing northward along Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, but variations in its course could have a significant impact on the distribution of the strongest winds and heaviest rain across the United States. On Monday, California could feel the brunt of Hilary’s rainfall in parts of the Southwest starting as early as Saturday.

Across Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, particularly in higher terrain, mudslides and flash flooding are a possibility. Flooding remains a risk despite Hilary weakening as it approaches Southern California and the Southwest.

There is a possibility of widespread rainfall amounts of 2 to 4 inches in southern California and southern Nevada from Saturday to Monday, with the most intense deluges predicted on Sunday and Monday.

There is a possibility that some areas within this region could receive rainfall levels of up to 6 inches locally.

The states of Arizona, Central California, and northern Nevada may also experience one to two inches of rainfall. During successive days of heavy rainfall, the ground’s ability to absorb moisture decreases, increasing flood risk.


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