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South Sudan Receives Over 300,000 Printed School Textbooks From China



South Sudan receives over 300,000 printed school textbooks from China

(CTN NEWS) – JUBA – The Chinese government donated 330,000 printed textbooks to South Sudan’s Ministry of General Education and Instruction on Wednesday to teach primary students.

English, mathematics, and science textbooks are printed as part of the China-Aided Phase II Technical Cooperation Project of Education in South Sudan.

“We are grateful right now for getting the project’s learning and teaching resources. For the South Sudanese students and learners to benefit from the materials.

I have instructed the distribution operation to be well-organized to ensure that these materials reach the hands of those in need.”


At the handover ceremony, General Education and Instruction Minister Awut Deng Acuil made a statement in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

In addition, primary school math and tangram curriculum packages and secondary school lab supplies were given out.

Acuil stated that South Sudan is “shaping up its education system, implementing competency and skills in learners at the pre-primary, primary, secondary levels, and alternative education system.

An idea that echoes the education system development in China that spurred its technology over the decades,” and that hundreds of teachers and educational managers will be organized to participate in the capacity empowerment programs.

The English, math, and science textbooks for grades 2 to 4 created by Shanghai Educational Publishing House were designed and reviewed by the government in December 2022, along with Chinese educational specialists.

/ Ma Qiang

Since South Sudan’s independence in 2011, the education sector has consistently been a top priority for interactions and cooperation between the two nations, according to Ma Qiang, the Chinese ambassador to South Sudan.

According to Ma, the South Sudan-Aid Phase I Technical Cooperation Project of Education’s successful completion in 2018 marked the beginning of comprehensive China-Aid Technical Cooperation in the Education Sector for Developing Countries.

“During the China-Aided Technical Cooperation in Education implementation, more than 200 South Sudanese teachers were invited to China for capacity-building courses,” according to Ma.

“The South Sudanese government and educational participants affirmed the project delivery with over a million textbooks in mathematics, science, and English shipped to Juba.


Bringing direct benefits to over 150,000 South Sudanese teachers and students,” Ma said.

The project’s execution is slated to include, according to Ma, “the development and review of Primary 5 to 8 textbooks for the subjects of English, mathematics, and science.

The capacity building of hundreds of teachers and school managers, and the printing and delivery of over 1 million textbooks, in 2023.”

He added that phase II of the China-Aided project‘s Chinese language and cultural activities had improved cross-cultural interactions and experiences.


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