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Top-Ranked Airline In Pakistan – Check The Rankings Here

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(CTN News) – The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recently unveiled the Pakistan airline rankings for 2023, shedding light on the performance of domestic airlines based on flight punctuality.

In these rankings, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the nation’s flag carrier, finds itself in the fifth position.

This article delves into the factors affecting PIA’s ranking and compares it with other domestic airlines that have fared better in terms of on-time departures and arrivals.


PIA’s Struggles

PIA’s ranking slump can be attributed to a confluence of issues that have plagued the airline in recent years. Foremost among these is the airline’s ongoing financial crisis, which has raised concerns about its ability to maintain air operations in the face of mounting debts.

These financial woes have undoubtedly impacted PIA’s ability to ensure punctuality in its domestic flight schedule.

Flight Punctuality Woes

One of the key metrics considered in these rankings is on-time departures and arrivals. Unfortunately, PIA has struggled significantly in this regard during the first half of 2023.

According to the CAA’s report, the on-time departure ratio for PIA’s domestic flights stood at a mere 58.24 percent. This dismal performance is significantly lower than that of private airlines operating in Pakistan.

Pakistan111 1

Private Airlines Shine

Private airlines operating in Pakistan have demonstrated superior punctuality when compared to the national carrier. Among these, Fly Jinnah emerged as the frontrunner with an impressive on-time departure rate of 87.93 percent.

Air Sial secured the second spot with 86.89 percent, closely followed by Air Blue at 78.36 percent. Even Serene Airlines, which ranked fourth with a departure rate of 62 percent, outperformed PIA in this crucial aspect.

Factors Behind Private Airlines’ Success

The success of private airlines in maintaining on-time departures and arrivals can be attributed to several factors. Unlike PIA, private airlines in Pakistan have managed their operations with greater efficiency.

They have invested in newer aircraft, streamlined their operations, and ensured better maintenance practices, all of which contribute to a higher degree of punctuality.

Additionally, private airlines have been more adept at managing their finances and avoiding the crippling financial crises that have plagued PIA.


The 2023 Pakistan airline rankings by the CAA highlight the significant challenges facing Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

The airline’s financial crisis, mismanagement, and difficulties in maintaining punctuality have led to its ranking as the fifth-best domestic airline in the country.

Meanwhile, private airlines have demonstrated their ability to provide more reliable and punctual services to passengers.

For PIA to regain its former glory and secure a higher position in future rankings, it must address its financial woes, improve its operational efficiency, and prioritize punctuality in its domestic flight services.

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