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South Korean Woman Finally Passes Driver’s Licence Test After 960 Attempts



South Korean Woman Finally Passes Driver's Licence Test After 960 Attempts

(CTN News) – Almost 15 years after her story first made international news, a South Korean lady has once again gained notoriety after spending $13,400 and 960 attempts to obtain a driver’s licence.

Due to her dogged pursuit of a driver’s license, Cha Sa-soon’s tale has been reshared on Reddit and has attracted a lot of attention.

She attempted the written exam for the first time in April of 2005 and failed. The Daily Mail reports that over the course of three years, the South Korean woman sat for the test every day, five days a week, until she finally passed.

After failing the written exam 860 times in a row, she cut back to studying just twice a week.

As soon as she passed that, she went on to the more difficult practical exam.

Cha Sa-soon had to complete the written and practical driving tests a combined ten times, for a grand total of 960 hours of testing.

Despite the cost, she persisted on her quest to get her driver’s licence so that she could transport her produce to her customers.
It was “a huge burden off their backs,” Cha Sa-soon’s instructor at Jeonbuk Driving School said after she passed the test.

Upon receiving her driver’s license, “we all went out cheering, hugging, and giving her flowers,” as recounted by the driving teacher.

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