Mother Outraged after Daughters Killer to Be Paroled After 4 Years into a 33 Year Sentence

    Mother Outraged after Daughters Killer to Be Paroled
    Mother Outraged after Daughters Killer to Be Paroled

    The mother of a young woman who was murdered in 2014 is crying foul after finding out her daughter’s murderer is set to be released on parole decades early.

    Ms. Patcharee Punthong, the mother of Ploynarin Palipol, has petitioned the Justice Ministry to review the parole granted to Mr. Polkrit Wiset, a former army sergeant sentenced to 33 years and 11 months for her daughter’s death.

    She made the petition after learning that Polkrit is eligible for parole despite serving only four years and six months for the crime.

    Patcharee also called for an investigation into the Corrections Department director-general and the Bang Kwang Prison chief over several reduced sentences for her daughter’s killer.

    When she learned about her daughter’s death, she spent nearly four years fighting for justice only to discover that the man responsible would soon be free.

    The mother told Thai media that she still had not been compensated by her daughter’s killer, and if he was released on parole, she also feared for her own safety.

    The Justice Ministry should review its decision and do justice for her family, Ploynarin’s mother said.

    Mother Suspected Nepotism

    Mr. Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, head of the Crime Victims Assistance Club who helped file the petition said the inmate also received a number of sentence reductions even before the case was finalized and he suspected nepotism by the killers’ father and higherups.

    Mr. Atchariya also said Mr. Polkrit was made an assistant to a prison warden in jail.

    Several days after his arrest, the former army sergeant admitted to police that he strangled the young woman and burned her body in Saraburi’s Kaeng Khoi district.

    In an act of jealousy, he said he had murdered Ploynarin. After finding out that Mr. Polkrit was married, she tried to break up with him.

    After strangling her, he then drove to a military camp to collect tires and petrol, with which he used to burn her body.

    Mr. Polkrit was arrested only after the case came under the spotlight of the Damrongtham complaint center. Ms. Patacharee asked them to pressure the police to accelerate the investigation of their daughter’s disappearance.

    Ploynarin’s mother also petitioned the Ayutthaya Provincial Police to widen the probe to include the suspect’s father, who is an army colonel.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Thanakrit Jitareerat, secretary to Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin, accepted the petition and said a probe would be set up into the early parole.

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