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Girl 17, Arrested for Strangling Grandmother to Death



Girl 17, Arrested for Strangling Grandmother to Death

A 17-year-old girl has been arrested for allegedly strangling her 62-year-old grandmother then getting her boyfriend to help dispose of the body. She and her boyfriend were arrested by police on Tuesday.

The dead woman was identified as Somsri Mamkrathok, 62.

The 17-year-old suspect (whose name has been withheld) and her boyfriend were taken by police investigators to the grandmother’s house behind Wat Samorai in Nakhon Ratchasima for a reenactment yesterday.

The grandmother’s house was surrounded by more than 200 angry people. The police did not dare to remove the suspects from the vehicle they arrived in for fear of being attacked.

On Tuesday afternoon, the two were arrested at a road checkpoint in the Mae Sot district of the northern Tak province. During a checkpoint search, soldiers and police noticed the two young passengers, acting suspiciously.

The pair were asked to get out of the van and their belongings were searched. This girl was found to be the granddaughter of a 62-year-old woman whose body was found dumped in a roadside garbage bin in Suphan Buri, on Sunday.

The girl said she choked her grandmother

Her 17-year-old granddaughter whom she lived with had vanished. The police wanted to question her.

It was determined that she was in the Mae Sot district after tracking her mobile phone. On Tuesday, local police officers helped locate her, and she was then removed from the passenger van.

According to Pol Lt Col Charn Iemwijarn, deputy investigation chief of Suphan Buri’s Boembang Nangbuat police station, who is leading the case, the girl admitted that she choked her grandmother until she lost consciousness, and then tied a rope around the old woman’s neck to finish off the job.

Then she called her boyfriend, who lived in Tak, to ask for help in disposing of the body, according to Pol Lt Col Charn.

While living with her grandmother, the suspect stated she was stressed because she was not permitted to have friends, either girls or boys. Ever since she was a child, her grandmother always insisted on taking her wherever she travelled.

The girl met her boyfriend on Facebook

A family source told the Bangkok Post that the girl met her boyfriend via Facebook. After the Murder, she contacted him to help get rid of the body. He drove a pickup to the scene and allegedly helped her take the body from the home.

The body was dumped in some bushes in Suphan Buri after he found a garbage bin on the roadside. Further along the road, he abandoned the pickup truck and took a passenger van to Mae Sot, where he and his girlfriend were arrested.

According to TV Channel 7 News, the victim’s husband told police he had borrowed 100,000 baht from the State Railway cooperative and given it to his wife. She was responsible for the family’s finances and had often won money playing the underground lottery.

He suspected that his granddaughter and her boyfriend conspired to use her ATM card to withdraw 100,000 baht for their own use.

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