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How to Access Formula 1 Streams



Formula 1

The 2022 Formula 1 season has roared back into action and we’re set for an incredibly exciting season. The sport has been through a massive overhaul for the new season, and many teams, drivers, and fans are excited at the prospect of a new era for Formula 1.

The season is already underway, but there’s still a long way to go until the season finale. With brand new circuits added to the 2022 Formula 1 calendar, there’s no better time to start watching this fast-paced and exhilarating sport.

However, as with all other sports, you may struggle to find some good quality reliable streams online. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how you can watch free Formula 1 races and keep up with all the action. Keep reading to get all the details on how you can watch every session of this thrilling 2022 Formula 1 season.

What is Geographical Blocking?

The main issue that you would be running into when trying to stream Formula 1 races this season is geographical blocking or geo-blocking for short. Geo-blocking is a common issue that many sports fans run into, especially when trying to access their favorite sports content from outside of a specific region.

Geo-blocking has become common in our modern world, and it shows that the “worldwide web” is not so worldwide after all. If you’re trying to access a sports stream and you’re not in the correct region, you will be met with an error message that says: “this content is not available in your region”.

For example, if you’re trying to watch sports on ESPN from outside of the United States, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to access the website or their streaming platform even if you have an account with them. As frustrating as this may be, there is a good reason why it exists.

Geo-blocking helps these websites and streaming platforms stick to the strict broadcasting rules that they need to follow. In order to secure the rights to stream Formula 1 races, broadcasters must pay huge amounts of money. The broadcasting rights come with a strict set of rules, one of which states where they are allowed to broadcast the races.

This unfortunately means that if you are not in the correct region, you won’t be able to watch the race. Websites use your IP address to determine your physical location, and based on this information they will decide whether to grant you access to the site and allow you to stream the races or not. Luckily though, we can use a clever tool to bypass geo-blocking and stream Formula 1 races from anywhere in the world.

What is a VPN?

The tool that will help you to bypass the frustrating geo-blocking that limits your Formula 1 viewing is a VPN or Virtual Private Network. While it is a cybersecurity tool first and foremost, it does have one feature that will allow you to change your IP address and trick websites into thinking that you are accessing them from elsewhere.

A VPN allows you to change your IP address since you can connect to a global server in another country or city from anywhere in the world. These servers are secure, and they have been set up by the vendor. Once you’re connected to one of these servers your true location will be masked, and a website won’t be able to deny access to you.

All you need to do is find the perfect stream for you and figure out which country it is based in. You then need to use your VPN to connect to a global server in that country. When you open your browser you will be accessing the internet as if you were in that country, and you may even see adverts from that particular country.

The main priority of a VPN is to encrypt your internet connection and keep cybercriminals out of your device. This means that while using the VPN you will have the added benefit of privacy and security on your device, and it will mask what you are doing on your device. Not even your internet service provider will be able to keep track of your data and browsing history.

There are many different VPNs to choose from, and it’s crucial that you choose the right one! This is especially important if you’re planning to stream live Formula 1 races, as connection speeds and stability are vital to your streaming experience.

It’s always a good idea to do some research into the VPN market and find the ideal VPN that will give you a great streaming experience. If you end up with the wrong VPN you will struggle to watch the race and you may become frustrated with it.

Why You Should Avoid Free VPNs

While you’re doing research on which VPNs you want to use to stream the 2022 Formula 1 season you may come across some free VPNs. It could be tempting to use some of these to watch Formula 1, however, it is not recommended to do so. Free VPNs often come with several drawbacks that will impact your viewing experience and leave you frustrated. You can see some of the most common drawbacks that free VPNs have down below;

  • Free VPNs usually have slower connection speeds. This will cause your stream to lag, or it could cause the quality of your stream to drop.
  • Bandwidth limitations are also common with free VPNs. The majority of free VPNs will have a daily data limit of around 500 MB. Considering the fact that streaming uses about 1 GB per hour, you’ll be lucky to make it to the first round of put stops while you’re streaming the 2022 Formula 1 season!
  • When it comes to free VPNs there is usually a limited selection of global servers to choose from. This can impact which streams you will be able to access. It could also prevent you from accessing the free streams that we found in the link at the beginning of this article.

If you insist on using a free VPN to stream the races, you can take a look around at some of the most popular premium VPNs vendors who will sometimes offer 30 day free trials that allow you to use the VPN and get a refund as long as you cancel your subscription in time. The link at the beginning of the article also has some options for the best free VPNs available.


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