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The World’s Oldest Person, French Nun Lucile Randon Died at 118



(CTN News) – French nun Lucile Randon, the oldest person in the world, passed away at the age of 118.

At her nursing home in Toulon, France, Ms. Randon, who adopted the name Sister André Lucile Randon when she enrolled in holy orders in 1944, passed away peacefully.

She was born in southern France in 1904, survived both World Wars, and devoted much of her life to Catholicism.

She informed reporters that “only the good Lord knows” the key to her long life.

Sister André Lucile Randon had seen 27 French heads of state and was born when the Tour de France had only been conducted once.

According to David Tavella, a spokesperson for her care facility, Lucile Randon passed away on Tuesday.

“There is a lot of grief, but she wanted to go with her dear brother. It’s liberty for her, “added Mr. Tavella.

It was stated that Sister André Lucile Randon and her brothers got along well. When World War One came to a close, she famously told reporters that one of her favorite recollections was their safe return.

It was unusual, she remembered. Families often had two deceased people rather than two living people.

Sister André Lucile Randon cared for other elderly people despite being blind and depending on a wheelchair, some of whom were considerably younger than herself.

Sister André stated: “People believe that work kills, but it saved me life. I remained working until I was 108.” in an interview with the AFP news agency in April last year.

She said in the same interview that she would be happier in paradise while continuing to partake in daily rituals like eating chocolate and drinking wine.

She had held the title of the oldest person in Europe for some time when Kane Tanaka, a Japanese lady who lived to be 119 years old, passed away in April of last year, making her the oldest person in the world.

She had already made the record books. She overcame Covid-19 in 2021 and was the oldest person to do it.

Sister André Lucile Randon was baptized at age 26 after converting to Catholicism after being raised in a Protestant home.

About 15 years after choosing to join the Catholic Church, she entered a nunnery known as the Daughters of Charity, motivated by her desire to “go farther.”

She was given a job at a hospital in Vichy, where she worked for almost 31 years.

In one of her final interviews, she told reporters these things: “Instead of hating one another, people should support and care for one another. Things would be a lot better if we shared that information.”

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