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Cleveland ‘A Christmas Story’ House For Sale: See It



Cleveland 'A Christmas Story' House For Sale: See It

(CTN News) – The house in which A Christmas Story was filmed in 1983 can be seen here.

Early Monday morning, the home at 3159 West 11th Street, located in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, was officially put on the market.

The A Christmas Story was first reported by 3News exclusively on GO! A “for sale” sign was placed in front of the iconic movie location by Brian Jones, the current owner.

Jones paused to take a closer look at the sign. “Wow. Now it’s real,” he said.

However, no information has been provided regarding the asking price.

Jones told 3News he was looking for the right buyer. It is an interesting property to own, as well as one that must be taken care of as a piece of Americana. It is going to be an interesting undertaking.”

The following is another quote from Jones regarding the sale of the property: “Neighboring properties associated with the property are also being sold.”

According to the listing, “when we say all this can be yours, we mean it.”. According to the listing, “the entire campus, which includes five buildings on seven parcels, is available for sale.”. In addition, two public and one private parking lots are available, as well as two empty lots, which allow for further expansion.”

The following are the full details of the sale as described in the listing…

House from ‘A Christmas Story’

The house and museum you’re looking at is incredibly natural and holiday-themed, and now you can own it. With wall-to-wall anecdotes throughout, this delightful classic is both spacious and intimate.

A beloved A Christmas Story classic based on a world-famous house and museum with nostalgic upgrades and somewhat ancient appliances will make you the talk of town when you own it.”

1103 Rowley Avenue is the address for the A Christmas Story museum, gift shop, and parking

  • A mere hop, skip, and jump away is The Museum, which houses the largest collection of original costumes, props, behind-the-scenes photos and other items from the movie.

  • As the name implies, The Museum has the largest collection of original costumes, props, behind-the-scenes photos, and other items. In the detached garage is a 1939 Ford LaFrance firetruck (just like the one featured in the movie!).”

  • Bumpus A Christmas Story House and parking lot: 3153 West 11th Street. Gift Shop: Located across the street, the Gift Shop offers whimsical souvenirs that make the perfect gift for that special someone, or for a friend.

As a result of a massive renovation that was undertaken in December 2004 to restore the house to its original film splendor, the House, built in 1895, was purchased on eBay. Since November 25th, 2006, the House has welcomed over a million guests on public tours.

Over 75,000 people pay admission to the House each year, and many more shop at the Gift Shop. Both the House and the Neighbor’s House offer daily tours, as well as overnight rentals.


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