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Thailand Leads Asian Nations on the Revival of Tourism



Thailand Leads Asian Nations on the Revival of Tourism

Thailand is among the growing number of Asian countries choosing to live with the coronavirus instead of trying to eradicate it, like western nations.

Thailand’s Prime Minister last week declared the Kingdom of Thailand would open to international travellers starting from November 1. Thailand will accept vaccinated travellers from “low-risk” areas including Britain, Germany, Singapore, China and the United States, without the need for quarantine.

Thailand has been leading Asia in the Tourism sector with its Sandbox program. The Thai government launched a “sandbox” scheme in which vaccinated tourists can stay in registered hotels without any quarantine.

Since the start of the Sandbox program, other Asian economies have followed Thailand’s lead. Attempting to restart their own tourism industries with similar programs.

Singapore will allow vaccinated tourists from 10 locations including the US, Britain and France to enter without quarantine starting October 19th. Singapore will then extend the privilege to South Korea starting November 15.

Indonesia also reopened to international tourists for the tourist islands of Bali, Bintan and Batam to travellers from 19 countries. Next month Malaysia will open up their tourist hot spot Langkawi to vaccinated travellers with no quarantine.

A Thailand and other Asian countries reopen experts say these are just “baby steps.” Saying there is still far to go on the road to recovery from the pandemic. World travel came to a complete standstill in late 2019 after the coronavirus emerged in China. It quickly spread worldwide devastating economies and killing millions.

Weighing heavily on all tourist destinations in Asia is the fate of Chinese travellers. Prior to the Pandemic, they were among the largest drivers of tourism in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2019, tourists from China accounted for more than a quarter of foreign arrivals in Thailand.


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