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Influencer Marketing Trends For 2023



Influencer Marketing Trends For 2023

(CTN News) – Based on the main 5 trends of the year that has just begun, MOCAPP, the largest Influencer Marketing platform in Romania, prepared a guide of recommendations.

  1. Acquisition vs retention:

Social media creators and influencers recommend products and services to consumers (source).

In an effort to increase authenticity and trust, consumers are becoming more interested in associating brands with influential figures.

51% of marketers concluded that Marketing helps them attract better consumers, but acquisition costs are skyrocketing across all digital channels (Google, Meta, Amazon).

Hence, relationships with existing customers become essential for encouraging repeat purchases and strengthening the brand.

Influencer Marketing Trends For 2023

Keep your customers! Remind them why your relationship will last! Be sure to secure the relationship with those who have already bought. Through loyalty campaigns, you can keep them close, and you can involve customers who also have significant social media communities in promotions.

  1. Influencer marketing focuses on campaign performance.

Campaign performance will increasingly reward influencers. Europe and the United States have already seen this trend. Nano- and micro-tend to converge on Affiliate Marketing.

It is less significant who mediates and more relevant how he does it and to whom he speaks.

Influencer recommendations:

Ensure that your influencer monetization is transparently communicated to brands. Display your campaign performance and impact. Your communities can curate content to highlight your value.

  1. Video is king

Video content is the key to success! TikTok’s share of marketing spend is increasing, but Instagram’s share of Influencer Marketing budgets is over 50%.

Content creator recommendations:

Passion for content requires investment. Budget for audio-video equipment annually. Video quality is an imperative selection criteria for brands and a differentiator in community engagement.

  1. Diverse play spaces for reinvention

Influencer marketing is done on Instagram. Instagram accounts for more than 90% of influencer campaigns, despite having fewer active users than the other platform in the Meta group (Facebook) and even fewer than TikTok.

Influencer Marketing Trends For 2023

Additionally, TikTok is becoming a playground for eCommerce: in 2023, it will be the leader in social commerce and live shopping.

Content creator recommendations:

No matter how you communicate with your audience, math matters. Brands are more likely to collaborate and monetize at touchpoints that are more effective. Connect with the right social networks and strengthen your presence.

  1. A data-driven approach is key!

As technology develops, Data-driven Marketing becomes more powerful: as companies incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into their marketing strategies, they will identify trends and improve partnerships with Influencers using technology. From conversations with current customers, I can infer context and meaning.


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