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Deshaun Watson Signs Worth $230 Million Deal With The Cleveland Browns

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Deshaun Watson signs a $230 million contract with the Cleveland Browns: According to reports, Deshaun Watson won’t just be traded to the Cleveland Browns, but his new contract with the Browns is all guaranteed, making him the first player to do so in the NFL history.

The biggest news on Friday was the trade of Deshaun Watson from the Washington Redskins to the Cleveland Browns for three first-round picks, along with other compensation from the Browns. In return, Watson is set to sign a five-year contract worth $230 million from the Browns to become their starting quarterback.

It is reported that the contract is ALL GUARANTEED.

Deshaun Watson New Deal With Cleveland Browns

DeShaun Watson’s new contract with the Cleveland Browns- This is a big win for the Texans, as the draft capital they are reportedly receiving will definitely change the direction of the franchise. Watson also benefits from this trade because the Browns are backing up the Brinks truck to his house and giving him a new NFL record for most guaranteed money for a player.

Since rejoining the NFL in 1999, the Browns have been searching for a franchise quarterback.

In Watson’s contract with the Texans, he was paid $156 million over four years, but now with the Browns, his salary will be $230 million over five years, and he’ll be 32 when that contract ends.

Before the national media reported that Watson had been traded to the Browns, it was reported that Watson would be traded to either the Atlanta Falcons or New Orleans Saints.

In neither case did that happen, but with Deshaun Watson joining the Browns, the entire AFC North is different now. With Joe Burrow as their starting quarterback, the reigning AFC Champions are already in the North, as are the Baltimore Ravens with Lamar Jackson. Mitch Trubisky was recently signed as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ new quarterback.

Watson’s signing by the Browns is big news and changes the landscape of the entire AFC. The AFC will be very tough, and if there was ever a time to rebuild the Houston Texans’ roster, now is the best time to do so.

The good news is that both the Texans and Watson appear to have gotten what they wanted as the Texans would not have paid Deshaun Watson the amount he’s receiving. As for Deshaun Watson, he has already made history with his new team before ever taking the field

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