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Home Depot ‘Tiny House’ Turned into a Giant Profit for Georgia Family



home depot: Nick and Meghan Lucido with their son. Meghan Lucido/Facebook

In 2020, a two-story Home Depot shed turned into the monetary help that a striving Georgia family was searching for – and presently they’re selling it for more than $300,000, obligation free.

  • Scratch Lucido and Meghan Lucido guarantee to have reimbursed $82,000 of obligation in nine months.
  • More than $300,000 was sold for the couple’s Home Depot shed flip.
  • Their ‘fantasy house’ was uniquely worked for their loved ones.

In March 2020, Nick and Meghan Lucido had imagined themselves residing in a uniquely constructed house, as per an Instagram post, yet obligation and another child constrained them to sell their home and search for a choice that was more reasonable.

As per the New York Post, Nick Lucido declared nine months after the fact that he and his better half were “residing small” in a Tuff Shed home that was bought from Home Depot. They had the option to pay off their obligation by $82,000 because of the move.

There were 2,000,000 perspectives on a TikTok post that the family posted about their home in August of 2020. It is in this video that Lucido shows the outside of their 860-square-foot, one-room home that they purchased and modified, alongside eight sections of land of land that they purchased in 2020, which several designs to create.

He gave a full house visit in line with analysts so they could see exactly how much space and solace the minimalistic home could propose to a group of three. There was a washer and dryer in the condo as well as a stroll in storeroom and a completely prepared kitchen in the loft.

In December 2020, in the wake of setting aside cash by residing there for over a year, the couple chose to sell the changed home for $312,000 for a benefit. In July 2021, Nick Lucido took to TikTok to uncover the subtleties of the new specially fabricated “dream house” he is working for his loved ones. The development of the house started in July 2021.

In his subtitle, he says: “Beneficial thing for an insane market and individuals’ affection for minimalistic houses,” he says in the subtitle.

Among the sheds presented at Home Depot, there are straightforward outside stockpiling sheds to private sheds which are accessible in different sizes. As per the site, there is a cost range somewhere in the range of $3,000 and $50,000 for the things.

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