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Airbnb: Tips, Tricks And Little Tricks



Airbnb: Tips, Tricks And Little Tricks

Airbnb Tips, Tricks And Little Tricks: Airbnb has been around since 2008 when two designers rented out beds to three travelers.

Today, millions of hosts and guests are listing and booking unique properties around the world using free Airbnb accounts, and Experience hosts share passions and interests with travelers and locals. Use Airbnb Management in Whistler to make your search for an accommodation easier, you will receive quality services and be satisfied with the end result.

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How to rent a house

Airnb A little secret for those who are looking for accommodation for two. Find an apartment/room for one person through the search, and then add a second guest in the selected option. Please note that rooms for two or three guests may be more profitable even than those listed in the category for singles.

Search filters make it much easier to choose accommodation: Internet, parking, the possibility of holding events, smoking – this is not a complete list of criteria by which you can choose the right options.

In addition, the ability to search by keywords has been implemented, which allows you to find apartments with an office/workplace / next to key locations.

It is convenient when you need housing exclusively for work or business negotiations; the choice of housing on the map of the area will allow you to stay exactly next to the office of the desired company.

The issuance of housing in the search depends on many factors, including profile data and the specifics of the trip.

Verified photos

The photo in the ad can tell a lot about the place of rent. The Airbnb sign in the upper right corner of a photo means that the photos were uploaded to the site by the host.

And the Verified Photo sign says that there was an Airbnb photographer in this place and did a photo shoot. That is, the photo is exactly true.

Don’t be afraid to live in a room

If you’re not a sociophobe, try renting a room rather than an apartment. First, the room will cost you less.

Secondly, communication with the owners of the apartment will solve many everyday issues: there will be someone to ask about the nearest pharmacy / ATM, or maybe have a drink together in a nearby bar.

Carefully read apartment descriptions and user profiles – it usually indicates whether the owner wants to spend time with guests or not. To maintain your privacy, check if the room is locked.

Want hosts to respond quickly to any of your questions? Pay attention to the number that stands under the owner’s photo in the ad. “Response Rate” is a metric that indicates how often the landlord responds to inquiries. Hosts who have this indicator above 90% respond as quickly as possible.

If you need an apartment right now, look for options with the “Instant Booking” button, which allows you to make a reservation without waiting for confirmation from the owner.


Read reviews! Travelers who have lived in this place write honestly about how they spent their time there.

However, the lack of any feedback is not a cause for concern. Just ask all the most important questions for you on the site so that you understand exactly where you will live.

In addition, an apartment that has few reviews yet can cost less. Travelers also publish reviews about hosts – you can find out in advance their character and manner of communicating with guests.

We monitor the behavior of users on the site and do not allow cheating positive reviews. For example, when a tenant and a landlord are constantly booking a room with each other, the system may consider this as an attempt to create a positive rating on the site. word image 146391 2


Booking, payment, communication between the tenant and the landlord, reviews – the information that we carefully monitor.

Airbnb’s analytics collection system takes into account many factors, based on patterns of potentially harmful actions (in many ways, this is similar to what eBay successfully implemented).

Each property hosted on the Airbnb platform is assigned “trust points”. Listings that score low are automatically tagged for closer scrutiny, helping to track money laundering and other forms of fraud.

The system works perfectly – out of 6 million residents in 2013, conflict situations that required compensation from the company were noted only 700 times. And don’t forget that we always have a customer service hotline, feel free to complain.

Do not forget to study the profile, this will avoid cases of communication with “random” people.

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