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10 Simple Ways To Become More Active



10 Simple Ways To Become More Active

Being somewhat active is better than staying chained to a chair or sofa for hours. And physical activity is better than a sleepy lifestyle.

But you don’t have to make an active lifestyle a torment and physical overload. This will definitely not help your health. Just like WooCasino, you should find it enjoyable.

Instead, your goal should be physical activity with an average load of at least 30 minutes every day.

And you need to achieve this goal not immediately, but gradually.

The Start of your active life: here are some skills

1. Set a time of physical activity for yourself and mark it on your agenda in the same way as before an important meeting. You can also use your smartphone if you want a reminder 5-10 minutes before the scheduled exercise.

2. Set a specific day starting from which you should devote to physical activity according to your schedule (see the previous paragraph).

Choose one of the nearest days as the start date. Remember and fix this day.

3. Make an activation plan in advance, on which days and at what time of the week (beginning and end) you should provide physical activation.Additionally, you can create activation strategies that are daily (walking, brisk walking, swimming, and so on).

4. Set short-term and long-term goals. Set goals so that they are specific, measurable, and achievable. For example, instead of the vague goal “I will go to the fitness club”, clearly define “I have to walk for 10 minutes after dinner every day” or “on the way to work from Monday to Friday, I will get off the bus 1 stop earlier to get to work on foot.”

5. Develop a plan to gradually increase physical activity. Set the levels. For example, a level of 1-5 minutes of walking, a level of 2-10 minutes of walking, and so on until the desired level is reached.

If your activity agenda is disrupted within a day or two, go back and start from the previous level.

6. Choose physical activities that best suit your health and preferences. Choose activities that you like. Of course, you can also try other, unfamiliar exercises.

7. Try to incorporate other people’s physical activity into your own. For example, walking with a woman or doing morning exercises with children.

This will increase personal responsibility for achieving your goals, as well as keep your relatives or friends active.

Undoubtedly, doing the same thing with two or three will give additional interest and motivation to all members of your small group.

8. If there are any healthy clubs in your area, you can join them (for example, a Jogging club, a Hiking club, etc.). This is also an additional interest and a great way to meet and chat with new people.

9. Do not stop active life if you have not yet felt the benefits. Be patient and keep moving.

10. Think of your active hours as happy hours. Activate by feeling enjoyment, not compulsion.

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