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Residential Proxies

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Residential Proxies

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In order to delve into the exceptionally deep subject of residential proxies, we want to first recognize what the very idea of a proxy is. A proxy, or the whole title “proxy server”, is a system that acts as a bridge between you and the end server. That is, first the consumer connects to the proxy server and requests the necessary information to it, which can be positioned at the very specific server. You can choose your proxy on this website:

Companies use this to provide security or improve network performance. Private users use this type of server to anonymize track or bypass limited access.

In general, there are two main types of proxy servers: residential networks and data center networks. They have one purpose – to hide your actual IP address when you are online.

The principal difference among those two proxy servers

Data center proxies are better at hiding the user’s identity. Their main exploiters are hackers engaged in illegal fraud. Accordingly, servers have become more cautious about users who use this type of proxy server, so the likelihood of being blacklisted when using it becomes higher. So if you are not the main character of the movie “Who am I” then you have no need to use this type of proxy system.

But as in every story, there is a bright side. In this case, it is a Resident Proxy. They have a better, cleaner reputation because hackers find them too costly and dicult to use. In fact, this is a big plus, since renting a proxy of this type will not arouse suspicion.

Speaking about the advantages of resident servers, we suggest taking a look at their list:

  • increases the reliability of exploiting the Internet;
  • reduces the chance of being blacklisted on the site you are interested in;
  • improves privacy and security;
  • more legal than a data center proxy.

In essence, residential proxies are an IP address that is given to the user by his ISP. The owner of the device, in turn, can provide access to other users to his PC or mobile device as a kind of proxy server. The systems used to control the actions of visitors are not able to distinguish such a user from a real person and block his account. And this reduces the risk of being blacklisted and losing the opportunity to work effectively.

How to use residential proxies?

You can use them not only to solve private problems, but also for successful business. For example, monitor the information of your competitors, freely visiting their resources. Such a reconnaissance sortie is easy to track if server proxies are used, but resident resources are perceived as a regular visitor who will not be blocked.


By choosing residential proxies, you provide yourself with a convenient and secure server for receiving various types of information.

At the same time, you’re in safe from being in black list. This is a completely legal, reliable, easy and efficient way to use the Internet.


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