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Top European Destinations For Digital Nomads



Top European Destinations For Digital Nomads

Some people, called “digital nomads,” combine their employment with their travels. They get their jobs done using various forms of electronic communication. The nomadic lifestyle of a digital nomad is thrilling because of the constant change it brings.

Due to advancements in connectivity and computing travel insurance 365 days cover, the modern digital nomad can set up shop anywhere in the world and get to work. Some European nations have begun offering new visas in the wake of the pandemic in an effort to entice qualified IT workers and digital nomads to their economy. Here are best countries in Europe for digital nomads.

Porto, Portugal’s Lagos

Lagos, a historic coastal town in Portugal’s Algarve area, features an interesting blend of modern conveniences and old-world charm. There are various options for remote workers, such as co-working spaces and networking events, and the digital nomad movement is expanding.

Békep, Hungary

Central Europe is where you’ll find Budapest. Budapest is the largest city in Hungary and a popular location for remote workers. The city provides a wonderful balance of professional and personal opportunities, as well as gorgeous architecture and a rich historical past.

Spain, Barceloneta

The Mediterranean port city of Barcelona, Spain, has emerged as a popular destination for nomadic workers. The abundance of coworking spaces in the area provides a welcoming and effective setting for telecommuters.

esk Krumlov (Prague)

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is a beautiful and culturally significant metropolis. Many factors contribute to Prague’s standing as a top destination for remote workers. Firstly, the city is an affordable alternative for remote workers due to its cheap cost of living in comparison to other major European cities.


For several reasons, Malta is a great spot for remote workers. To begin, the island country enjoys a favorable Mediterranean climate, which makes it a desirable year-round destination.

Swiss city of Zurich

Zurich, located in the heart of Switzerland, is a lively city that provides a unique blend of modernism and history. Zurich, Switzerland, the country’s financial capital, is renowned for its excellent standard of living, charming architecture, and breathtaking scenery.

Glasgow, United Kingdom

The city of Glasgow, the largest in Scotland, is a hotspot for European digital nomads. Glasgow is the perfect place to find a balance between metropolitan conveniences and natural beauty, and it is well-known for its welcoming residents, rich history, and thriving arts and cultural scene.

Florentine Italy

Located in the centre of Tuscany, Florence is widely regarded as one of the world’s cultural capitals. If you’re a digital nomad, Florence is the kind of place that would be right up your alley.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is a dynamic and exciting European city that is perfect for digital nomads. Amsterdam is a city that has plenty to offer everyone thanks to its beautiful architecture, gorgeous canals, and extensive cultural history.


To assist you in making your next career move, we have compiled a list of the top European nations for digital nomads to work in, narrowed down to only those that provides digital nomad or comparable visas (DNV).

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