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Omaha Zoo Closes Several Exhibits After a Pelican Dies From Bird Flu

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Omaha Zoo Closes Several Exhibits After a Pelican Dies From Bird Flu

(CTN News) – The Nebraska Omaha zoo closed several exhibits indefinitely after a pelican died from avian influenza and another was euthanized.

Beginning Saturday, the Simmons Aviary, Lied Jungle and Desert Dome will be closed to guests at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium.

According to KETV, zoo officials said the pelicans lived outdoors and were not in contact with other birds.

This year, 11 cases of avian flu have been reported in Nebraska, according to WOWT-TV.

According to the news release, the Simmons Aviary was previously closed between March 3 and June 23 as a precaution against the flu. No birds living at the Omaha Zoo  were infected during that period.

The Lincoln Journal Star reported that a pink-backed pelican that died on Thursday tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza.

According to the newspaper, a second pelican became ill on Friday and was euthanized.

“It is extremely important that the zoo tightens its protocols immediately in order to protect its birds and prevent any potential spread of Avian influenza,” said Sarah Woodhouse, the Omaha Zoo director of animal health.

During the spring, we discussed the zoo’s prevention and response plan.

As a result of some recent cases in the western part of Nebraska, we were operating on a level 2 response, but as soon as we became aware of infected wild birds in the area, we went immediately to a level 5.

It is important to prevent both the transmission of infection to other birds in the zoo, as well as the spread of the virus outside the Omaha Zoo.


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