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Managing High Blood Pressure Through Diet



Diet; Managing High Blood Pressure Through Diet

(CTN News) – Including or excluding certain foods from your diet can have a significant impact on your Blood Pressure & heart’s health. A healthy heart and good nutrition are closely related, and both can help lower blood pressure or reduce the risk of hypertension.

High blood pressure can be reduced by following a heart-healthy diet

1. Ensure that you consume sufficient fruits and vegetables.

Every day, adults should consume 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit and 2 to 3 cups of vegetables.

The American Heart Association journal Circulation recently reported that participants who consumed five diet servings of fruits and vegetables per day had a 12% lower risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack and stroke.

There is no evidence that starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, as well as fruit juices are associated with a reduced risk of death due to all causes or from specific chronic diseases.

2. Ensure that you consume whole grains.

Unlike refined grains, which have valuable nutrients removed during the refining process, whole grains provide a “full package” of health benefits.

In addition to lowering cholesterol and moving waste through the diet digestive system, fiber can also help prevent the formation of small blood clots that can trigger heart attacks or strokes.

3. Low-fat dairy products should be chosen.

Cleveland Clinic recommends opting for low-fat or fat-free dairy products, including 1% or skim milk, 1% or fat-free yogurt or cottage cheese, and low-fat cheeses.

4. Fish, poultry, and legumes are healthy sources of protein.

5. Olive oil and avocado oil are heart-healthy alternatives to tropical vegetable oils.

6. Vitamin C-rich foods.

Inflammation is caused by oxidative stress, which can be prevented by foods rich in vitamin C. Red peppers, kiwis, oranges, strawberries and broccoli are foods rich in vitamin C.

7. Consume potassium-rich foods.

Potassium can lower blood pressure by relaxing blood vessel walls and helping the body eliminate excess sodium, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Limit sodium, sweets, saturated fats, sugary beverages, alcoholic beverages, and red meat.

In addition, the American Heart Association recommends that you maintain a healthy weight, engage in regular exercise, be more physically active, refrain from smoking and avoid secondhand smoke, take the medication as prescribed by your physician, and know what your blood pressure is.


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