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6 Ways Restaurants Have Prepared for the #NewNormal



6 Ways Restaurants Have Prepared for the #NewNormal Covid-19 World

COVID-19 disrupted everything, from individuals to communities to the governments, and definitely did have a huge impact on the economy. But most of all, it changed how we eat out! Eating out went from being a luxury to an everyday thing to luxury again. The emerging consensus for reopening all restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs is what we need to transition back to “normalcy”. But would dining out go back to being “normal” so quickly? That’s one topic to debate. Meanwhile, as some restaurants open, restaurant managers are being creative about managing their new way of operating. Here are 6 ways restaurants are preparing for the #NewNormal world:


Dedicated areas for take-out

Most restaurants are strictly adhering to a take-out-only policy to avoid guests coming in to dine. This helps in avoiding human contact and stopping the spread of the virus. These restaurants have a dedicated area for take-out, which is mostly in close proximity to the cash counter and the kitchen. The food comes out of the kitchen, is handed over to the guest or delivery person and the amount is collected all at the same place.

Specialized cabins

For the ones allowing in-dining, the need to build personalized cabins is at an all-time high. These cabins help place a safe distance between the dining tables and sometimes also within the diners on the same table. These cabins ensure that the guests do not come in contact with other guests in the same restaurant and ensure their safety and security.

 6 ways restaurants are preparing for the #NewNormal and the covid-19 world

Contactless serving the #NewNormal

While chefs inside the kitchen take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of food, the responsibility also passes on to the waiters serving them. With proper safety gear which includes masks, gloves and face shields, waiters are instructed to avoid coming in contact with the guests and maintain social distance. The glasses and jugs are kept pre-hand at the tables and the guests are requested to fill their own glasses to avoid coming in contact with the waiters.

Social distancing

Goes without saying, social distancing is being practised at every stage in the new dining experience. Waiting for a table, paying the bill, using the washroom or at any other instance that requires you to be in close proximity with others, require everyone to maintain a safe distance.

 6 ways restaurants are preparing for the #NewNormal and the covid-19 world

Sanitization after every use

Even after all human contact is avoided and appropriate social distancing is maintained, every table or cabin is thoroughly sanitized by the restaurant staff. If possible, tables are only used once or twice a day to avoid any contamination.

 6 ways restaurants are preparing for the #NewNormal and the covid-19 world

New staff

 6 ways restaurants are preparing for the #NewNormal and the covid-19 worldWhen the world shut down in early 2020, millions of people across the globe lost their jobs. As restaurants shut down, they laid off almost all of their workforce for an undetermined period of time. Now that they are re-opening, new staff needs to be hired. The hiring is not done just to fill the vacant positions, but also to hire a workforce better adapted to the new working ways as per the safety regulations of the government.

Resumes and cover letters are being sent and received and online interviews are being conducted to give us the best dining experience in the #NewNormal.


The restaurants of the future are ready with their innovative practices, brilliant staff, and yummy food. Have you started eating out yet?

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