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‘Young and Restless’ Broke Fans’ Hearts by Reminding them of What they Want and What they Used to get



Young and Restless'

In recent years, Young & Restless has used standalone episodes over and over – and underwhelmed them – but the latest one was a gem. Not only was it created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Christian LeBlanc’s Michael Baldwin, but it was also a chance for veterans we love and miss to be in the spotlight again. However, there were some downsides…

This episode focused on Christian LeBlanc’s witty and clever legal eagle character, Michael, his wife Lauren, and those from his past who figured prominently in his present. It was the joy of having these people back on the front burner, even for a brief period, that made it so worthwhile, even though the subject matter was a bit pedestrian – Michael wrestled with the question of retiring, while friends and family weighed in as one might expect – so it is worth it even though the subject matter was so pedestrian. The flashbacks… oh, the flashbacks.

However, some of us experienced a strange emotion while watching the episode and going back through Michael’s rich history… we became saddened.

As well as sharing similar sentiments and expressing frustration with the current state of the show, many complained about the lack of quality airtime for vets:

Even worse, some thought that this was a sign that we’d see less of Christian LeBlanc, and Michael, on Young & Restless.

It would be wonderful if the writers could see what potential fans might do with our beloved veteran characters. In an exclusive interview with, Christian LeBlanc previews the possible storylines for Michael. Michael is a complex character capable of moving down any number of storylines.

Take a look through Michael and Lauren’s love story below to find out if you agree with our thoughts on what Young & Restless should be doing in 2022, and let us know what you think in the comment section.


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