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5 Common Issues that Cause Leakage in the AC

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An air conditioner is essential during summer. If the system works well, we don’t have to look for maintenance or repair. This could cause problems within the AC components, with AC leaks, are the most frequently encountered issue. We will look at the most typical AC leakage issues.

The aircon is dripping water from the central unit indicates that the unit isn’t working and can result in your AC is leaking water. There are many causes for this issue. Let’s discuss the most common reasons and also why aircon yearly maintenance contract is a good solution to stop your aircon from leaking.

1. Installation that isn’t correct

In the event that your air conditioning unit was installed recently and it is leaking is likely that the cause is due to a flawed installation of the air conditioner. This implies that the AC and drainage pipes aren’t in proportion. This causes water to flow through the drainage pan and directly into the outlet. The water could be flowing in reverse or at the same height if it is unable to stream ahead. When installing the air conditioner, be sure the pipe is placed at an elevation lower than the unit itself so that it permits for the flow of water downwards to the drain outlet.

2. A blocked drain pipe

Dirt and other debris could stop the drainage pipe from the air conditioner. This blocks condensate from flowing out into the drainage pipe. If the condensate isn’t flowing outwards, it will flow into the cooling unit. This can result in your AC leak. Be sure to keep your AC clean.

3. Dirty air filters

The air that flows through the cooling unit could create AC filters dirty and clogged with dirt. This could block the flow of air across the evaporator coils due to that the temperatures of coils may fall to a point of freezing. In this situation, instead of moisture, the formation of ice starts over the coils and drips excess water into the drain pan. The pan is unable to hold the additional water, so your aircon is dripping water into its central unit. The AC should be cleaned every month to eliminate the build-up of dust and dirt. An AC troubleshooting guide will help you in resolving these minor problems.

4. Gas or refrigerant:

When the refrigerant or AC gas (as it is often known as) is leaking, it decreases the pressure within the AC unit. The evaporator coils are frozen and cause a similar flow of water into the drain pan.

5. A damaged drain pan

The air conditioning unit you have is old or the drain pan that holds the condensate has been damaged or rusted. In this case, the water won’t be able to collect and will flow through the unit’s main pipe instead.

Is it possible to repair this?

After you have a better understanding of the different reasons why your AC leaks, you must be thinking about what can you do to fix the AC? The answer to this question is contingent on the degree of damage that’s occurred. It is possible to resolve most issues. However, other reasons for leaks or lack of drainage of water could be resolved only by a skilled technician. However, aircon yearly maintenance contracts are much better but again, the need for a maintenance contract is dependent on your own cost-benefit analysis. Some companies provide priority service and reduced prices for service calls for customers who have annual contracts for maintenance. Also, there is security when you hire an expert eye to inspect the aircon. However, when you hire an individual who isn’t even interested in replacing the aircon’s filter, you’re just wasting money.


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