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Disney’s Star Wars Series ‘The Mandalorian’ First Episode To Air On ABC



Disney's Star Wars Series 'The Mandalorian' first episode to air on ABC

(CTN NEWS) – Streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video have been stealing viewers away from traditional broadcast and cable television for years and attracting younger generations who may not have even had cable TV.

Later this month, Disney’s Star Wars television series The Mandalorian will air on broadcast television for one night only. You wonder, “What’s the big deal?”

Disney is allowing everyone to view the premiere episode of the popular show for free in honor of the release of its third season.

On February 24 at 8 p.m. Eastern, The Mandalorian’s first episode will have its simultaneous broadcast debut on ABC, Freeform, and FX (both owned by Disney).

Although ABC is free over the air with an antenna, Freeform and FX are paid channels.

A powerful show like The Mandalorian being available on regular television is similar to a free trial, except that the viewer doesn’t need to fill out any forms or sign up for anything; they can tune in at the appointed time.

If you have a brilliant show, it only takes one episode to hook you. Yes, we are only talking about the first episode of season one.

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Would you like to see the rest of the series?

Yes, subscribe to Disney+ (the sole provider of The Mandalorian) to catch up. All of this is part of the strategy.

After normal trading has ended today, Disney will release updated statistics. In November’s most recent earnings report, Disney reported 164.2 million members.

Additionally, the study will be the first to include data from Disney’s brand-new ad-supported tier, which debuted in December.

The Mandalorian’s third season, which consists of eight episodes, will start streaming on March 1. The first two seasons each had eight episodes that debuted once a week according to the conventional timetable.


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