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Raju Srivastav: The house the father sold, Raju bought Ten years later for Eight Times the Price



Raju Srivastav: The house the father sold, Raju bought Ten years later for Eight Times the Price

Raju Srivastav was born in the N Block of Kidwainagar Nayapurwa, which is in the N Block of Kidwainagar. Since he had such a strong attachment to the house in Nayapurwa as a result of this, he had an attachment to it. A neighbor tells us that Ramesh Chandra Srivastava (Balai Kaka), Raju’s father, sold this house to Suresh Singh Chauhan in 1990, under some sort of pressure, for the sum of three and a half lakh rupees.

In the following days, the entire family stayed in a rented house in Baradevi for a few days, and then in Yashoda Nagar for a few days. It was during that time that Raju Srivastava was in Mumbai. The family members were very angry with the family members when they learned that the house was going to be sold. Suresh offered Raju the chance to buy the house back from him, but the deal did not work out.

As a result of his father’s actions, he also asked his neighbor Shivendra Pandey to speak to Suresh Singh on his behalf. The tenant had to be persuaded by the landlord for many years before he finally agreed to leave. This house was bought by Raju for the amount of 24 lakh rupees in the year 2000. A few days after Raju’s father Balai Kaka bought the house with the family, he came here again with them.

Every time Raju Srivastav came to the city, he used to come home to his family

According to Shreya, the wife of Raju Bhaiya’s younger brother, whenever Raju Bhaiya used to come to the city, he would definitely come home whenever he came to the city. The old house was dear to him and he loved it very much. Coming here is said to give you a great deal of relief as they used to say. It is on this pretext that most of them meet, otherwise, where would one be able to meet in the first place? It was during those five or ten minutes that he walked around the entire area, taking in everything around him.



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