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Once Again, ‘The Last Of Us’ Demonstrates Its Fearlessness



Once Again, 'The Last Of Us' Demonstrates Its Fearlessness

(CTN News) – An apocalyptic drama such as The Last of Us will inevitably result in many deaths, both positive and terrible. Even so, it is often true that a small-scale tragedy can strike harder than a mass-casual event, especially if the victim is an innocent individual.

As a result of its third episode’s justifiable popularity, HBO’s “The Last of Us” continued to tug at the heartstrings in its fifth hour, subtitled “Endure and Survive,” about Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) beingfriended by a deaf brother.

Ellie spent time with Sam, the eight-year-old (Keivonn Woodard), laughing with him and behaving like a child. Sam and his brother, Henry (Lamar Johnson), decorated their hiding places with childlike drawings. Within a brutal and chaotic environment, it was a sweet moment of normalcy.

You rooted for these characters as a result of the flashback. After turning Sam into something inhuman, they suddenly and abruptly killed him.

The Last Of Us television shows and video games are completely different. The act of killing a child in drama is always dicey, because these moments are distinctive and unsettling for the audience.

Producers Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann showcased their storytelling courage in this episode, demonstrating – if one is needed at this point – that the stakes in the show’s world are high.

Similar scenes can be found in the second season of The Last Of Us and “The Walking Dead,” another zombie drama, when a missing little girl, Sophia, emerges from the barn as a monster with glassy eyes.

In addition to departing from the comics, that sequence was genuinely shocking at the time and reinforced that the show’s dramatic ambitions extended beyond mere horror.

According to, this scene made many fans realize that this series was not typical.

“This one did not hesitate to push things to the limit, The Last Of Us making viewers uncomfortable and causing them to feel the pain of loss along with the characters.”

In recent hours, “The Last of Us” has demonstrated even greater versatility, establishing a solid platform for guest stars, such as Melanie Lynskey.

However, as Mazin noted in the video following the episode, these subplots also contribute to Joel and Ellie’s relationship. This is evidenced by their unspoken exchange at the end of the episode.

The emotional impact of this show explains its popularity and social media footprint – making even skeptics watch – and why the term “zombie drama” is inaccurate but too reductive.

In contrast to the third episode, which resonated because of its romantic underpinnings, the latest episode (which premiered early on HBO Max, and is now available on HBO opposite the Super Bowl) dealt with unimaginable loss on an epic scale.


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