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Who Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ Album About? She’s Provided Some Clues for Fans

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Who Is Taylor Swift's 'Red' Album About? She's Provided Some Clues for Fans

Regardless of whether you’re an energetic Swiftie or a relaxed fan, its a well known fact that the Red collection is one of Taylor Swift’s generally annihilating, enthusiastic, and tragic collections. Fans have been clamoring for an all-encompassing adaptation of her melody “Generally very Well,” which has been portrayed as perhaps the best tune for its profoundly weak verses. For a particularly enthusiastic rollercoaster of a collection, fans have been pondering, who is Red about?

All in all, who is the ‘Red’ album about?

Taylor Swift is no novice with regards to dropping clues through music about the in the background, and her initial albums contained secret messages in the liner notes for fans to interpret. While the liner notes were in every case intentionally unclear, anybody following the timetable of Taylor’s life could assemble the pieces of information and begin to allow a picture to come to fruition.

Who Is Taylor Swift's 'Red' Album About? She's Provided Some Clues for Fans

Who Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ Album About? Taylor Swift’s Provided Some Clues for Fans


It’s broadly respected (albeit still unverified) that the Red album is committed to Taylor’s relationship with entertainer Jake Gyllenhaal. The couple supposedly dated from October 2010 to March 2011, and a large number of the tunes on the red album make direct references to him. The most remarkable “hint” fans have gotten on is a line from “Province of Grace,” which says, “Up in your room and our records are perfect/Just twin fire signs, four blue eyes.”

Fans rushed to see that Jake shares Taylor’s mysterious sign (Sagittarius), which is a ‘fire sign,’ and both Jake and Taylor share blue eyes. In “Very Well,” Taylor additionally references leaving a scarf at his “sister’s home.” Jake broadly shares a sister in media outlets, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The subsequent melody and title track, “Red,” incorporates the liner note “Hang,” which most fans theorize is in reference again to Jake’s celestial sign — Sagittarius. It could likewise spell Swift And Gyllenhaal, however who knows! Different tunes that fans have concluded are about Jake incorporate “The Last Time,” where the liner notes read “L.A. on your break” — course of events savvy, it’s broadly reputed that Jake went to see Taylor on a break from recording his film at that point.

Lastly, the “All around Well” liner notes read “Maple Latte,” which many have guessed references Taylor and Jake’s public date at the Fido Café, a bistro in Nashville.

It’s likewise estimated the ‘Red’ album isn’t about only one individual.

While Jake Gyllenhaal is the most mainstream and maybe most acclaimed separation Taylor persevered through, different tunes on the red album are reputed to be committed to others. “A sacred place” is generally supposed to be about ex Joe Jonas, who went to one of Taylor’s shows in San Diego. “Starlight” is devoted to Ethel Kennedy, with whom Taylor had an interest — particularly during the time Taylor Swift dated Conor Kennedy, Ethel’s grandson.


Taylor has said before that Taylor Swift doesn’t care to give an excessive number of insights concerning her connections, including the names of her ex-lovers. Every one of the associations in Red are basically fan hypotheses, yet at any rate lately, the subjects of Taylor’s past tunes foster a recently discovered appreciation for them (if Sophie Turner sticking out to “Mr. Totally Fine” is any sign). The best part is the experience fans share!


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