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First helicopter tour – How to make it as an amazing experience?



First helicopter tour - How to make it as an amazing experience

The first helicopter tour is a magical experience. After all, a mix of thrill and anxiety — can make anything nerve-wracking but also amazing. But on a serious note, you will have the ride of your life if you haven’t ever been on a helicopter tour. The thrill, the excitement, the view, and essentially, the intimacy — make it a memorable event of your life.

However, most people find the helicopter tour overwhelming; their anxiety levels kick in. And they either abandon their plan to board or miss the magical experience because of fear. But fret not! As a professional in the industry, I know the things you can do to avoid anxiety and make your first helicopter tour a truly remarkable experience. Yes, working for Bekaa Air for four years now, I have dealt with people from all lifestyles. Even those who have never been on an airplane — in the Brisbane localities. And can confidently say that after reading this entire post, you will be able to make your first helicopter tour a memorable one.

Scroll down to find tips to make your first helicopter tour a fantastic experience.

Relax your mind and do not let the anxiety kick in.

Easier said than done, but anxiety caused by a surge in dopamine levels can be countered easily with breathing exercises and meditation. No, I am not asking you to practice meditation five minutes before boarding the chopper. However, you can practice breathing exercises — take long breaths and exhale slowly. Even more, you can also practice meditation in the morning to control your anxiety throughout the day.

Another thing to curb your excitement, watch a few helicopter tour rides on YouTube. This will help you visualize the tour beforehand and affect your dopamine levels. Of course, people who want to experience the moment in person and do not want to watch videos can make their minds strong and not worry too much about the flight.

Trust the Pilot and Helicopter.

Sure, humans are not built for flying in the air. So, the natural instincts kick in, and you fear that the pilot might not know how to fly. Or they worry that something may happen to the helicopter. And they will be crushed to them within seconds after boarding the helicopter. It may sound funny, but these are common among first-time passengers. So, the best thing you can do is talk with the pilot before boarding.

Even better, it is best to tell them how you are feeling. Sharing the feeling with the very man who will fly you can be good in numerous ways. But the thing that tops the list is your brain familiarizes the person and does not perceive the person as a threat. Indeed, this will allow you to have a beautiful experience, and even the pilot will be excited to board you on their flight.

And if that doesn’t help, just remember that air travel is far safer than the car or bike. In fact, statistically speaking — driving is more dangerous than flying. And don’t worry regarding the maintenance of the helicopter. Yes, as long as you fly via a reputed helicopter company, you do not have to worry about anything. Don’t forget that helicopters are costly, and organizations ensure that nothing happens to them or the passengers traveling in them.

Listen to Pilot and Follow the Flight-Safety Measures

Most helicopter tour companies will brief you on the things that you have to do and things to avoid. Ensure to listen to the instructions carefully and follow the instructions word to word. Of course, most of the instructions are just a precaution or safety net if something were to happen, but nonetheless, listen to the pilot and follow the instructions mentioned by them.

In addition, as a safety measure, you will be briefed about — S.A.F.E.T.Y:

  • S for Seat belts must be fastened during takeoff and landing. This also goes for the Shoulder straps and seat position — it must be fastened and adjusted.
  • For Air Vents location and environmental controls, you will also get an overview of what to do if you are uncomfortable, i.e., Action.
  • F for Fire Extinguisher location and operation.
  • E for Exit doors location. Plus, emergency pieces of equipment and emergency evacuation procedures.
  • T for Traffic scanning.
  • Y for Your question.

Dress in comfortable clothing

Just do a quick google search for the appropriate clothing for a helicopter tour. You will find useful tips on how to wear appropriately for helicopter rides. (Don’t forget to read about this).


While most of these instructions will be given by the helicopter company itself before the takeoff, one thing that even they — or me via this guide — cannot help is the anxiety. You will have to build up your mind and just be strong. If you are habituated to flying, you will not have any problems going in the air. Helicopter tour rides are just like taking a flight. However, it is critical to note that you shouldn’t panic.

Just relax your mind, have light food, and think about the experience that you will have. Even better, visualize the scenario in your mind, and it will help you with your anxiety levels. Above all, remain calm — but excited — and listen to the instructions. Do not forget that you are going to have the best experience of your life, so ensure to create a memorable experience to share with your family and loved ones later.

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First helicopter tour – How to make it as an amazing experience?
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