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Eternal Sunshine Is Ariana Grande’s Best Project To Date

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Eternal Sunshine Is Ariana Grande's Best Project To Date

(CTN News) – Internationally acclaimed artist Ariana Grande joined the celebrations of International Women’s Day 2024 with the release of her highly anticipated album Eternal Sunshine, which was released on the same day.

After the gala announcement of her pregnancy, the Bang Bang hitmaker took to social media with a carousel of pictures, along with a caption that read “Eternal sunshine out now,” sending her fans into a frenzy with joy.

In the comments section of Ariana Grande’s 13-track album, there was a lot of discussion about the musical feast she has put together with her 13 songs, with fans raving about the musical feast she has created.

Leslie Grace, one of the stars of Batgirl, expressed her satisfaction with the timing of the release, stating “This release comes at the perfect time. I’ve just boarded a 5 hour flight… and it’s just the soundtrack I’ve been looking for on replay [hands up emoji].”.

A director and videographer from the United States named Alfredo Flores, who worked on the Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries documentary collaboratively with Ariana Grande 20, wrote enthusiastically, “I can’t believe you just said that!! Eternal sunshine, eek.”.

“As I lay in bed, gazing at the ceiling, blasting the album, a fan sent me a message with a heart emoji.” The message was written by one of the fans.

On the newly released album, another fan referred to it as ‘your best project to date’ as it was branded as your best work to date.

There was one other fan who added his own comments which expressed the same feelings about Ariana Grande, adding the words: “Crying!!! Congratulations on this amazing masterpiece! Thank you for sharing so much of your heart so freely !!!”


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