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Shanghai Allows 4 Million Out Of Their Homes, As COVID Rules Ease



Shanghai Allows 4 Million Out Of Their Homes, As COVID Rules Ease

(CTN News) – Shanghai has eased anti-virus controls, allowing 4 million people to leave their homes. According to local media, factories and businesses are also open again. They live in areas where COVID-19 status has shifted from closed to controlled, which allows them to leave their homes and move either within their compounds or within a limited area.

According to Shanghai Media Group, 400 employees of a factory belonging to Jala Group, a domestic cosmetic brand, have been allowed to return to production in Fengxian, a suburb district south of Shanghai.

The resumption of production in factories has resulted in farmers in the neighborhood starting to sell their products to the canteens. A dozen supermarkets have reopened in Zhujiang town southwest of Shanghai, and the government has permitted all 20 convenience stores in the area to reopen, though some of them only allow customers to buy goods at the gate, media reports said.

After a spike in infections, most of Shanghai’s residents were confined to their homes on March 28. As a result, food and medicine supplies were scarce. Those who test positive in Shanghai but show no symptoms have been ordered into quarantine centers set up in exhibition halls and other public buildings. According to official data released this week, the economy grew less in the first three months of this year than in the final quarter of 2021.

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