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China’s Shanghai Reports 1st COVID-Related Death, 3 Lakh Cases Reported



China’s Shanghai Reports 1st COVID-Related Death, 3 Lakh Cases Reported

(CTN News) – Shanghai has reported its first COVID-related deaths since Sunday when the city’s Coronavirus cases surged to a record high. Three elderly people between the ages of 89 and 91 have died, according to Shanghai municipal government. All three of the people who died on Sunday also had other comorbid conditions.

Last month, two COVID-related deaths were reported in the northeastern province of Jilin. In addition to these three deaths, China’s economic hub also recorded 2,417 local confirmed COVID-19 cases and 19,831 local asymptomatic carriers. COVID cases in the city have exceeded 3,00,000 since March.

Global Times reported that Shanghai had registered 2,417 local confirmed COVID-19 cases and 19,831 local asymptomatic carriers on Sunday, citing three deaths among seniors with severe underlying illnesses.

As China Suffers Worst COVID Outbreak, Videos Show Unrest, Violence

Due to the spread of the Omicron variant, Coronavirus cases have soared tremendously in several cities in China in the last two to three weeks, with Shanghai reporting the most cases. Local media reports indicate that at least 44 cities are facing strict lockdowns in which people are not permitted to leave their homes for the next two weeks, causing locals to become increasingly frustrated.

Social media clips show some screaming out their windows or clashing with hazmat-clad workers. Shanghai began easing restrictions last week, but a health official warned the city wasn’t in control of its outbreak.

People quarantined at the convention center complain of inadequate facilities

If you test positive but show few or no symptoms, you’ll spend one week in a quarantine facility. You’ll be checked twice a day for fever and told to record your health information on your phone. Beibei, a 38-year-old, told the Associated Press that people complain of leaky roofs, inadequate food supplies, and delays in treatment for medical problems, but there is no action being taken. Lights are on all night, making it hard to fall asleep, said Beibei. “Bathrooms are filthy. Volunteers and cleaners can’t keep up,” he said.

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