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China Reports 3,297 New COVID Cases, On Verge Of a National Crisis

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China Reports 3,297 New COVID Cases, On Verge Of a National Crisis

(CTN News) – At least 45 cities have been placed under curfew as a result of the unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases as of Monday. China is now on the verge of a national crisis. 25 million people have been forced into isolation by the Chinese authorities in Shanghai, its second-largest city. China reported 3,297 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, April 19. The National Health Commission said on Tuesday that the lockdown has had a devastating impact on the lives of citizens.

Shanghai, China’s economic hub, recorded 3,084 locally transmitted cases, while 17,332 locally transmitted infections were asymptomatic. COVID-19 deaths have been registered in Shanghai since April 18.

New COVID-19 cases reported in China

In addition to Shanghai, 18 other provinces reported new local COVID-19 cases, including 88 in Jilin. 1,912 COVID-19 patients were discharged after recovery from the hospital.

According to reports, supply lines are breaking in many cities as a result of sweeping restrictions. Meanwhile, the officials ensured the smooth movement of basic goods to prevent shortages. Meanwhile, 44 Chinese cities were either under full or partial lockdowns due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

The Chinese population in Shanghai, the epicenter of China’s latest outburst, has been struggling every day because they have been forbidden to leave their homes for weeks on end. People were left without food and essential items due to supply chain destruction.

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The Chinese residents screamed out of their windows in frustration to be heard by the government in harrowing footage. Residents of Shanghai clashed with health workers enforcing strict COVID-19 rules. On Monday, the Chinese government was supposed to relax some of the measures but instead extended the lockdown.

Xi Jinping’s “zero” Covid policy has become a huge challenge for the supply chain and businesses. As a result, the busiest expressways were rendered empty. Thousands of health checkpoints were also installed. Cities have made it mandatory for residents to show proof of a negative COVID test in order to avoid their residents leaving. People in Shanghai are frustrated and angry with China’s zero-covid policy.

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