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Xi Jinping Continues his Purge of China’s Communist Party



Xi Jinping Has Predecessor Forcibly Removed from Party Conference

President Xi Jinping of China continued his purging in national governance having former President Hu Jintao removed from the party conference on Saturday. Hu Jintao who served as President from 2003 to 2013, was forcibly removed from senior leadership at a party conference.

Footage released by Fox News showed an official attempting to forcibly lift Hu from his seat as Xi turned his back on him. President Xi Jinping did not directly observe as Hu was removed from his seat; rather, he sat with his head cocked and listened to the unfolding events.

Former President Hu did not appear to intend to leave the gathering, and he spoke to Xi by touching the back of the Chinese leader’s right arm.

As Hu was escorted out of the room by an official holding his upper arm, Xi did not turn to see but instead nodded and responded with a word.

Nobody has explained what was said or why former president Hu was removed from the ceremony.

Hu Jintao, the former president, supported market-oriented reforms, in contrast to Xi’s efforts to strengthen state control over the economy.

As the week-long meeting concluded on Saturday, Xi Jinping’s major policy objectives on the economy and the military were also written into the party’s constitution.

Analysts were looking for evidence of Xi’s leadership being weakened or challenged, but none were obvious.

Although the ousting of Hu Jintao demonstrated Xi Jinping’s continued tight grip on power in China.

In his concluding remarks to the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping stated that the revised constitution “sets forth clear conditions for maintaining and bolstering the party’s general leadership.”

Xi Jinping Has Predecessor Forcibly Removed from Party Conference

Premier Li Keqiang and three other members of the Communist Party’s elite Politburo Standing Committee were excluded from the newly elected Central Committee.

This means they will not be reappointed to the Standing Committee in the Sunday-to-be-announced leadership reshuffle. It is largely anticipated that Xi will keep his position as general secretary for a third term.

Han Zheng, the party chief of Shanghai, Wang Yang, the head of the party’s advisory committee, and Li Zhanshu, a longstanding ally of Xi and the leader of the largely ceremonial legislature, were also removed by Xi Jinping.

Premier Li Keqiang will continue to serve as premier for approximately six more months until a new cabinet is appointed. If he had remained on the Standing Committee, it would have suggested probable opposition to Xi’s economic policies from within the leadership.

Li was already marginalized, though, as Xi Jinping has assumed authority over the majority of government operations.

Meanwhile, the media, including all international journalists, were excluded from the voting portion of the conference. Police were also stationed along main highways, with neighbourhood watch members clothed in bright red at regular intervals.

Xi Jinping Has Predecessor Forcibly Removed from Party Conference

Protestors surprised officials this week by unfurling banners from a Beijing bridge that advocated for Xi’s ouster and criticized his government’s strict covid-19 pandemic controls.

A report read by President Xi Jinping at the Peoples Party congress a week ago demonstrated a resolve to continue along the current course despite local and international problems.

During his first decade in power, Xi Jinping has emerged as one of China’s most powerful presidents in modern history, rivalling Mao Zedong, who formed the communist state in 1949 and commanded the country for a quarter-century.

A third five-year term as party head would violate an unofficial two-term restriction enacted to counteract the excesses of Mao’s one-person rule, most notably the turbulent 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution, which Xi Jinping endured as a child.

President Xi Jinping has placed loyalists in crucial posts and assumed personal responsibility for policy working groups. He has also highlighted the Communist Party’s central position, extending state control over society and the economy.


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