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Target Is Slowly But Surely Phasing Out DVDs From Its Physical Locations

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(CTN News) – Target stores are reducing physical media presence. Target’s spokesperson tells IGN that the company plans to migrate its limited selection of DVDs from its store to its website.

The company plans to offer select DVDs in its stores when they are newly released, or during key times throughout the year when they are in high demand, such as for gift-giving during the holidays.

In order to make up for this, Target is going to have a smaller section of physical DVDs that will be available at certain times only. Nevertheless, you will still be able to purchase “thousands” of DVDs from Target’s website, but the selection may not be as varied as before.

The first report about Target’s decision to halt DVD sales emerged on Wednesday, when @PhysicalMedia posted that the store would “stop selling physical media in-store and online by 2025.” However, that is only partially true, as Target tells IGN that physical games will continue to be sold in stores and online, but DVDs will be hit the hardest.

Verge has reached out to Target for more information about the change as well as a timeline for its implementation, but has been unable to get a response.

There has been an increase in the popularity of streaming and digital games in recent years, which has led some people to make physical media an afterthought. It is nevertheless disappointing news for someone who, a mere few months ago, discovered the joys of DVDs for the first time.

The fact that I am able to physically peruse the DVD aisles of Target, Walmart, or Barnes & Noble makes finding something to watch far less stressful than hopping between pricey streaming services. It is not possible to scroll through thousands of shows or films – it is only possible to browse a wall of movies.

In addition to Target, other retailers are also eliminating physical media displays from their stores. There was a confirmation by Best Buy in 2016 that it would cease selling DVDs and Blu-rays in its stores by the year 2024. It remains unclear whether or when Walmart will eliminate its DVD selection – but I am not giving up on its $5 DVD bin just yet.


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