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Ukraine War

Russia Has Lost Weapons & 26000 Troops In Ukraine Since Start Of War, Claims Ukraine



Russia Has Lost Weapons & 26000 Troops In Ukraine Since Start Of War, Claims Ukraine

(CTN News) – The conflict in Eastern Europe entered its 79th day on Friday, and the Ukrainian Defence Ministry claimed that Russia has suffered heavy losses since the war began. According to the ministry, Russia has lost almost 26,900 soldiers, 2,900 armored personnel vehicles (APV), 1,205 tanks, 542 artillery systems, 193 multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), and at least 88 anti-aircraft weapons. The Ukrainian Defence Ministry announced on Twitter that the invaders also lost 2,042 vehicles and fuel tanks, 405 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), 200 planes, 162 helicopters, 95 cruise missiles, 41 special equipment, and 13 boats.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s president, released a video message on Thursday in which he described the extent of the devastation that Russian troops inflicted on his country. So far, Russia has destroyed 570 health care facilities and 101 hospitals, he says.  As reported by The Kyiv Independent, he said that it was barbarism. President Poroshenko said in his nightly address that Russian troops’ attempts to destroy Ukraine’s medical and social infrastructure will not stop the country. As it did before the war, Ukraine will continue to invest in the development of hospitals and other essential infrastructure.

Ukraine claims to have destroyed another Russian ship in the Black Sea

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials claimed to have destroyed another Russian vessel in the Black Sea. Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, said that the logistics ship Vsevolod Bobrov was hit while trying to deliver an anti-aircraft system to Snake Island. Despite heavy damage, the ship is not believed to have sunk, he said. The Odesa regional military administration spokesperson said that the ship was engulfed in flames after it was hit. According to the Associated Press (AP), Russia has not yet confirmed the incident and no casualties have been reported.

Zelenskyy extends offer to hold direct talks with Putin

Ukraine’s President Zelensky said on Friday he is ready to hold peace talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the coming weeks. Zelenskyy again extended the offer to hold direct talks with Putin in a statement to RAI 1 television in Italy. The delegations of both countries have already held several rounds of peace negotiations but no results have been obtained.

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