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University of Phoenix and College of Western Idaho Team Up to Help Students Save on Their Education

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University of Phoenix

Students who earn an associate degree from the College of Western Idaho can now earn their bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix more efficiently thanks to a unique and exciting new cooperative effort. To help make it easier for students to complete their degree programs, the University of Phoenix and the College of Western Idaho teamed up to establish a 3+1 transfer program.

The 3+1 Transfer Pathway Program

Designed to make it easier for students to pursue a higher degree while saving on education costs, the 3+1 Transfer Pathway Program pulls together the academic opportunities of both schools. Under the program, students complete their general education requirements over a three-year period at the College of Western Idaho. They can then transfer up to 87 eligible credits to the University of Phoenix to complete a bachelor’s degree program.

A student who is able to transfer all 87 of their credits will only need to complete 33 credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix. This means that students can earn a bachelor’s degree in information technology, health management or business, for example, in as little as fourteen months.

The program is also flexible with online classes available for access any time of the day or night. Each University of Phoenix degree program is designed with the busy adult learner in mind. Students enrol in one course at a time, each of which typically takes five to six weeks to complete. This helps students focus on the subject matter while also attending to life’s responsibilities. The new courses begin monthly, so there is little, if any, downtime between classes, which can help students proceed quickly from course to course as needed.

Helping Students Save as They Pursue Their Degree

The framework of the Transfer Pathway Program can be financially beneficial for students by helping them save money on tuition while addressing all of their general education requirements. Choosing an online college can also help them save on room and board fees or commuter expenses compared to traditional universities.

With the University of Phoenix, transfer students from the College of Western Idaho also receive a discount on their tuition fees, which can bring substantial savings for individuals. Transferring students are eligible for an Associate Degree Transfer Rate for their University, applicable for tuition on all of the remaining courses for their degree program. This translates to a $144 savings per course. This is just another way that the University of Phoenix strives to make higher education more accessible, particularly for non-traditional students.

Opening Opportunities for a Better Future

The traditional academic path has been for students to graduate from high school and go straight on to college to earn a degree, whether they were ready or not. For many people, this path is not a fit for their lifestyle or finances. Some are just not ready for college in their late teens while others are driven by personal circumstances to join the workforce right away or the choice to start a family.

For these more non-traditional students, the timing for secondary education happens later in life. They may be more financially able to support the pursuit or motivated by their career to learn more in an academic setting. But with work, family, and schedules in place, the idea of attending a four-year college can be daunting. Picturing how they’ll juggle a full-time class schedule on top of it all might not be feasible. Others start only to give up later.

The University of Phoenix was designed with these non-traditional students at its heart. Students can enrol whenever they are ready and work toward their degree around their existing schedule. Online courses allow for flexibility to get the education they want without making drastic adjustments to their own lifestyle.

About the College of Western Idaho

The College of Western Idaho serves several student populations. The public community college offers degrees in Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science and others including certificates and continuing education. They also feature several adult education programs that help students prepare for their GED, offer fast-track career training for busy professional workers and allow for dual credit for students in high school.

Students can attend either online or at one of the campuses that are located throughout the Treasure Valley. Classes can be scheduled on weekends, in the evening, or during the day to make it even easier to earn a degree.

About University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix offers a wide variety of undergraduate as well as graduate degrees for non-traditional students. The University is committed to helping busy professionals and adults with families earn a degree in line with their chosen career path. Students are able to choose from online courses with content accessible around the clock, allowing them to study when it fits their schedule. The University’s Career Services for Life program supports students and alumni throughout their education and their professional work. To learn more about the University of Phoenix and the available academic programs, please visit their website.



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