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Dinosaur Footprints Found in Kalasin’s Phu Faek forest



Dinosaur Footprints Found in Kalasin’s Phu Faek forest

(CTN News) – The northeastern province of Kalasin is home to the Phu Faek forest park, renowned for its deep geological importance and fascinating history. The park recently discovered an astonishing find of preserved dinosaur footprints.

A resident of Ban Nam Kham in the Phu Laen Chang sub-district informed the Department of Mineral Resources and park authorities of the discovery.

Over ten footprints that are thought to have belonged to a species of carnivorous dinosaur were found after further research. The prints were preserved in a sizable sandstone layer for millions of years.

The footprints, which measure between 17 and 31 centimeters in width and 21 to 30 centimeters in length, are thought to have been made by a tiny meat-eating dinosaur.

Dinosaur’s height and length

Official estimates place this dinosaur’s height and length at 2 and 5 meters, respectively. About 140 million years ago, it lived in the region that would eventually become Thailand.

This is a remarkable finding for the scientific world since it is the first time this dinosaur species has been linked to any evidence in Thailand.

For individuals interested in paleontology and earth science, Phu Faek Forest Park has long been known for its geoscientific importance.

The finding of these fossilized footprints enhances the park’s already extensive history and has increased visitor interest in it.

The park has long been praised for its stunning woodland setting, drawing visitors who love the local wildlife and flowers. Then, in 1996, while enjoying lunch in the park’s foothills, a group of visitors discovered a peculiar footprint on a rock terrace.

They took a closer look and saw what seemed to be a massive footprint. They informed neighborhood geologists of their discoveries, who examined the print and verified its provenance.

Since then, park authorities have struggled to preserve and present the discovery, which first consisted of just four dinosaur footprints. Ten more prints, thought to be from a different species of dinosaur, have been added to the region by this new find.

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