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Thai Economy Could Hit its 2023 Growth Goal if Chinese Tourists Come



Thai Economy Could Hit its 2023 Growth Goal if Chinese Tourists Come

(CTN News) – The tight Covid-19 quarantine will be lifted on January 8 for Tourists and nationals of the mainland, China stated yesterday. The news is excellent for Thailand, which has benefited greatly from the easing of Covid restrictions on a global scale.

Before the pandemic breakout in 2020, Chinese tourists were first in the country’s tourism rankings. There has been a continuous rise from 4.64 million visitors in 2014 to 12 million tourists in 2019.

But the zero-Covid policy in China put a halt to everything. Since then, Laos, Malaysia, and India have occupied the top three tourism destinations.

China is opening up a boost for Thailand Tourists.

Incoming foreign tourists only need to provide a negative Covid test result 48 hours before departure, according to China’s National Health Commission (NHC).

Visitors must stay in hotel quarantine for five days and isolate themselves from the outside world for three days.

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The NHC also said that limitations on foreign travel and passenger capacity would be lifted.

The contentious zero-Covid policy was loosened earlier this month due to demonstrations throughout the mainland, which led to the abandoning of China’s tight Covid quarantine restrictions and the opening of its borders.

Since then, Beijing has reported over 4,000 daily Covid infections, indicating that Sinovac/Sinopharm vaccinations from China may not be as effective as vaccines from the West like AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Moderna.

Besides small business or family visits, foreigners have been largely prohibited from entering China.

However, the NHC said it would make arrangements for foreigners to visit China for work, business, study, or family reasons and “provide convenience” for their visa applications.

China did not provide a timetable or more information on the implementation, but it did state that outward travel for Chinese nationals would restart in an orderly manner based on the coronavirus situation globally and the capability of different domestic services.

In 2020, China recognized Covid as an infectious illness in Category B, but it was given Category A treatment, placing it in the same category as cholera and the bubonic plague.

Covid will henceforth be managed as a Category B illness, like HIV and avian influenza.

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The term “new coronavirus infection” will replace “novel coronavirus pneumonia” as the term for Covid in official Chinese, according to the company, which claimed that this modification is “better in keeping with the current features and hazard level of this illness.”

The NHC reported

Only a tiny proportion of SARS-Cov-2 patients progressed to pneumonia, and the less lethal Omicron variation has now established itself as the predominant strain.

The NHC also said it would not rule out the prospect of future local and temporary restriction measures.

“As we manage the outbreaks, we should pay special attention to a real-time global assessment of the outbreak’s intensity, pressure on the health system, and general situation of the society, and take appropriate legal measures to limit people’s group activities and movement in a flexible way to flatten the curve,” the report advises.


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