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Thailand to Implement Foreigner 300 Baht Landing Tax June 1st

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Thailand's Banks Ready for 300 Baht Tourist Entry Tax

The Government of Thailand’s lawmakers has approved the collection of a landing tax ranging from 150 to 300 baht from all foreign tourists visiting Thailand, which will be implemented tentatively on June 1st, as proposed by the National Tourism Policy Committee.

For foreign tourists arriving by land or sea, the landing tax will be 150 baht per person on land, and 300 baht for those arriving by air. The tax does not apply to those who hold diplomatic passports, work permits or special work permits for specific professions as specified by the Labour Ministry, children under the age of two, or transit passengers.

The cabinet also directed the Immigration Bureau to streamline its regulations and conditions regarding immigration documents and relevant immigration laws, so that tourists can use receipts for tourism fee payments when applying for re-entry permits.

The landing tax, according to Tourism and Sports Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, will be used for domestic tourism development and insurance coverage for tourists while in Thailand.


Lost Tourists Found in Phuket Thailand

In other news, searchers located two French tourists who had called for assistance late Sunday night after becoming lost while walking on a forested mountain in this southern island province.

The tourists called for help around 10 p.m., saying they were lost in a forest on Nai Thon mountain in Thalang district’s tambon Sakhu. Local officials, police, rangers, and villagers formed a team and began searching immediately.

A two-hour walk and nearly three kilometres away, around 12.30 a.m., they discovered a Frenchman named Victor and his girlfriend waiting in the dark on the mountain. They were fine, except for a few scratches, and were safely returned to their hotel.

According to Pol Col Salan Santisananakul, chief of Sakhu police station, the couple arrived in Phuket on Sunday and checked into a hotel near Phuket International Airport. They went for a walk on a nearby beach, followed a trail up the mountain, and couldn’t find their way back.

“Fortunately, they still had a phone signal and were able to contact the tourist police via WhatsApp. They then sent their location as well as pictures of their surroundings “The station manager stated.

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Poisonous jellyfish warning Phuket

Meanwhile, Tourists on the resort island of Phuket, Thailand have been warned to be on the lookout for poisonous jellyfish at over 20 different locations around the island. The alert was issued on Monday after more than 30 tourists reported being stung near Kata Beach on Phuket’s west coast last week. The majority of the victims had minor symptoms.

More than 20 signs were placed around Phuket, including Patong, Nai Yang and Surin beaches, as well as Cape Panwa, to raise awareness and provide first-aid information.

Lifeguards have also been armed with vinegar bottles in order to provide immediate assistance to victims.

“Those who have been stung by a fire jellyfish should apply vinegar to the sting for at least 30 seconds for immediate relief,” Phuket Marine Resources Conservation director Suchart Ratanruangsri said.

Pouring fresh water or alcohol on a fire-jellyfish sting will only make it worse.

Those stung by Portuguese jellyfish, on the other hand, should clean their wounds with seawater or the leaves of the beach morning glory plant, rather than vinegar or fresh water.

Suchart also stated that anyone who has been stung by a jellyfish should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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