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Plan B Label Clarifies ‘Morning-After’ Pill Doesn’t Cause Abortion

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Plan B Label Clarifies 'Morning-After' Pill Doesn't Cause Abortion

(CTN News) – The emergency contraceptive Plan B will soon have new package labels that specifically state that it is not an abortion pill, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Any disturbance to an egg is seen as an abortion by many pro-life supporters.

The FDA said on Friday that it would remove any references on the box suggesting the drug may stop a fertilized egg from developing into an embryo.

The FDA said that Plan B One-Step “won’t function if a person is already pregnant, meaning it won’t change an existing pregnancy.” Plan B One-Step works on ovulation, which happens long before implantation, to prevent pregnancy.


The medicine does not alter implantation or the maintenance of a pregnancy after implantation. Hence it does not terminate a pregnancy, according to the evidence.

After sexual activity, OTC medication may be used to avoid becoming pregnant. The FDA advises using Plan B as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse or a contraceptive failure within 72 hours.

The pill-form drug works similarly to birth control pills by preventing or delaying the release of an egg from the ovary. It includes a larger dosage of the synthetic hormone levonorgestrel than birth control pills.

The FDA is changing the labels at the request of Plan B’s maker and after “careful assessment of fresh scientific data,” according to a Friday FDA update.

Plan B One-Step works by suppressing or delaying ovulation and the mid-cycle hormonal changes, according to the FDA’s assessment of the available scientific evidence.

According to the research, there is no direct impact on fertilization or implantation, supporting this finding.

In a study conducted in 2021 and published by the Centers for Disease Control, 24.3% of women between the ages of 22 and 49 reported using emergency contraception.

Many pharmacies allegedly imposed limitations on the number of emergency contraceptive pills customers may purchase after the supreme court decision to reverse Roe v Wade earlier this year, eliminating the right to abortion.

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In certain conservative states, access to emergency contraception is still quite restricted.

Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, has claimed that rape victims may use Plan B. However, some of the poorest Texans still cannot afford the drug since it can cost up to $50 (£41).

Public institutions in Idaho have cautioned staff members not to advise students on where to get emergency contraception since doing so might result in criminal charges.

The state’s No Public Funds for Abortion Act forbids university employees and school-based health facilities from giving out or directing students to emergency contraception, except rape cases.

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