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World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event Is Ready For Testing



World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event Is Ready For Testing

(CTN News) – As of tomorrow, Blizzard will begin testing the pre-patch events for World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion Dragonflight.

The test will begin at 12 p.m. CT tomorrow and end at 1:59 a.m. CT on Monday, Oct. 17. Additional details regarding the test are not yet available.

The World Of Warcraft event will include an introductory quest line with an emphasis on providing players with a little bit of lore about the game, as well as the Return of Uldaman, a dungeon for characters at 60 levels or higher.

In the meantime, there will be “Elemental Storms” in the Badlands and Un’Goro. It is important to note that both zones are included in the original two continents of the game.

The badlands are located near the center of the Eastern Kingdom, while Un’Goro is located in the most southern part of Kalimdor.

Tests of the World Of Warcraft pre-patch event follow Blizzard’s announcement that Shadowlands season four will end in a couple of weeks.

As the season ends shortly and Dragonflight will be released at the end of November, it is likely that the pre-patch for Dragonflight will be released shortly after season four concludes on October 25.

Along with the pre-patch event, the World Of Warcraft pre-patch will give players access to the game’s new hero class-race combination.

A Dracthyr Evoker can both perform ranged damage and act as a healer.

As soon as the pre-patch begins, players will be able to create one that starts at level 58 and starts in The Forbidden Reach, a special starting zone.


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