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Hunt: Showdown Expands with Update 1.10



Hunt: Showdown Expands with Update 1.10

(CTN News) – In Hunt: Showdown, Update 1.10 brings a brand-new questline system, the new “Stalker Beetle” consumable, new weapon charms, and the much-anticipated Billy story.

Through the Twitch Drops campaign, which runs from now until October 20, players can unlock Questlines and exclusive rewards.

The stalker beetle

The Stalker Beetles are bred to serve in both exploration and combat as the protectors of their keepers.

It is also possible for them to sacrifice themselves in order to cause an explosion that will injure any living being within their range.”

Stalker Beetles are strategic sandbox tools that can be used in a variety of ways, such as peeking behind walls, scouting ahead before entering compounds, etc.

Active traits will also apply to the Stalker Beetle, providing players with a wealth of new tactical options.

A questline

Additionally, update 1.10 introduces the new questline system. Players will be able to earn exclusive in-game rewards by completing various questlines throughout the year.

The first questline, “Billy & the Stalker Beetle,” is currently available via Twitch Drops. Users who watch qualifying Hunt Twitch streams for 60 minutes will unlock the Questline token.

Twitch Drops will run from October 12-20. All are welcome to participate and stream, and there will be an exclusive reward (Bloodshot – a Hand Crossbow) available to those who watch the Night of the Hunter streams.

As part of the additional rewards, you will receive the Billy story, a Legendary Hunter who will only be available through Twitch Drops in 2020, as well as the first of the weapon charms in the game.

Visit for more information about Update 1.10.


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