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What’s The Best SD Card For Switch In 2022?

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What's The Best SD Card For Switch In 2022?

(CTN News) – As the Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with a lot of onboard storage, you’ll need the right SD card for Switch storage expansion. Videos need a home!

In the original Switch model, 32GB of storage was offered; the updated Switch OLED model offers 64GB of storage. In any case, once you start downloading games and system information, the space will quickly fill up – a game download is typically about 8GB but can be as large as 30GB.

I discuss speeds and classes at the end of this article when choosing an SD card for Nintendo Switch. Don’t buy anything that seems too good to be true: not-reliable brands are selling fake cards on Amazon.

These are the most recommended SD cards for Nintendo Switch storage expansion. They are all from trusted brands, at a variety of capacities and price points… and if you want more, check out our Best Nintendo Switch Accessories guide.


1. The SanDisk 128GB micro SDXC card for Nintendo Switch is available on Amazon for £16.99

Not just because it has an official Nintendo affiliation and a cool mushroom design, but because it’s the most suitable for most people.

Priced right, the storage capacity is four times larger than the Switch’s onboard capacity (double that of OLED) and will serve many players well.

2. Amazon has the Samsung Evo Plus 512GB microSDXC card for £50.99

There are no fancy Nintendo symbols here, but if you want a much larger card from a reputable manufacturer, Samsung’s card has a lot of space. This card could store an equivalent title 16 times over, as The Witcher 3 is over 31GB.

3. Amazon: £117.49 for Lexar PLAY 1TB microSD card

The Lexar 1TB microSD card has the highest capacity currently available in microSD format. There’s an almost endless supply of Switch games available on this card, so it ticks all the boxes. It’s perfect for gamers who don’t want to change their Switch’s graphics card often.

4. Amazon has the SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC card for £8.99

This card is a reliable budget option from a known manufacturer if you only need a little extra capacity. The U1 type, however, means it won’t provide the same high speeds as the U3 cards otherwise featured in this article.

However, if you want the cheapest price, this is what you should choose.


It’s actually a micro SD card that Switch accepts, not a full-size SD card. The maximum capacity for microSDHC and microSDXC cards is 2TB, as directed by Nintendo on its official website (although no 2TB microSD cards exist at the time of writing, it is a theoretical maximum).

In contrast to the newer and faster UHS-II cards, the Switch currently supports only UHS-I cards (up to 100MB/s speeds).

Nonetheless! Additionally, there are U1/V10 and U3/V30 types, the latter of which is faster for installation/loading even on Switch. As a visual identifier, look for the ‘bucket’ U-shape on the card with the number ‘3’ inside it.

There are also Application Standards, A1 and A2 (expressed visually as A2, the latter of which is far faster at read/write. In spite of the fact that each is compatible with Switch, the console will not be able to take advantage of A2, so don’t overpay for it.


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