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Best Boxing Day Vacuum Deals In Australia – Live Now

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Best Boxing Day Vacuum Deals In Australia - Live Now

How do you celebrate Boxing Day?

(CTN News) – Boxing Day is a public holiday in Australia the day after Christmas (December 26). Australia has had Boxing Day sales since the 1980s.

Retailers used it to get rid of excess inventory from the Christmas season, which traditionally involved a trip to the city, hours of queuing, and navigating crowds. You can now save yourself a trip and find a bargain Boxing Day deal online.

What is the date of Boxing Day in 2022?

Boxing Day falls on Monday, December 26, one day after Christmas (December 25). Early deals, however, start popping up during the week leading up to Christmas, and continue through the following week. Amazon’s Day deals have already begun.

On Boxing Day, what should you buy?

Boxing Day Sales offer substantial discounts on big-ticket items such as laptops, hi-fi, consoles, and TVs.

Online tech retailers are getting rid of stock to make room for the 2023 season, so keep an eye on Amazon (opens in a new tab), The Good Guys, Bing Lee, and Ebay. The following products are also worth keeping an eye out for:

  • Clearly, you’re looking for a reliable robot vacuum if you’re here now. Especially on Ecovacs and iRobot, the eye-watering deals above are among the most attractive we’ve seen this year on robot vacuums.

  • It’s worth picking one up now if you want robotically cleaned floors this year, since you won’t find lower prices until next Black Friday!

As well as tech and general consumer goods, Boxing is a great time to buy bargains. You can also check out our guide to the most impressive Boxing Day deals we’ve found, which outlines some of the hottest items to buy.

  • Appliances: Expect tech and white goods retailers like The Good Guys and Bing Lee to slash prices on pretty much everything this Boxing Day.

  • You can find great deals on big items like fridges, freezers, washing machines, as well as small ones like kettles and toasters.

  • The availability of gamings consoles in Australia has been a challenge for the past few years. However, things have certainly improved in the last few months with PS5s and Xbox Series Xs readily available on Amazon.

  • There will certainly be some great deals on console accessories and games on Boxing, and maybe even on consoles if we’re lucky!

  • For Boxing Day, Amazon is likely to offer even lower prices on smartphones than usual.

  • Most in-demand toys will be sold out before Christmas, but there will be some left over! Especially for the enormously popular Star Wars and Harry Potter sets, we recommend checking out Amazon for the latest Lego deals.

  • There will be some heavy discounts on TVs from top brands like Samsung, Hisense, Sony, LG and Panasonic at all leading retailers. Shop around for the best TV deals, but The Good Guys, Bing Lee, and Kogan are likely to offer you the highest quality deals.

As a result of the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, security companies will again be slashing their prices for Boxing – particularly for Australians.

Now is the perfect time to renew your cybersecurity or VPN subscription for the upcoming year.


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