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Fortnite ‘Failed To Download Supervised Settings’ Fix

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Fortnite 'Failed To Download Supervised Settings' Fix

Fortnite Error Fix: Failed to download supervised settings,

(CTN News) _ Fortnite Error Fix: Failed to download supervised settings,

This could be a server issue, so you should check the @FortniteStatus Twitter account to see if the problem is widespread.

Continue reading for our fixes if that does not reveal any issues.

It appears that this issue primarily affects Fortnite players on consoles.

There are a few easy fixes that should not take up much of your time and should enable you to get back into the game in no time at all.

Fix 1

Shutting down and restarting your console is your first option.

If your console would otherwise simply suspend, you will need to select Full Shut Down from the Power Mode & Startup section of the settings menu.

If for some reason this does not work, you may need to unplug your console completely once it has been turned off. It should not be necessary, but it is an alternative.

Fix 2

Another option is to temporarily disconnect your console from your network. You can still turn off your PlayStation connection even if you are using a wired connection.

It is possible to go offline with Xbox using the Go Offline feature.

On PlayStation, if you do not wish to do that, you can also choose to Test Internet Connection, which will temporarily disconnect and reconnect your console.

If you need something quick, this is an easier solution.

Your problem should be resolved by either of these options. Once you have relaunched Fortnite, you should be able to connect without any problems.

You now know how to fix the Failed to Download Supervised Settings error in Fortnite.

Please make sure you are progressing your Paradise Discord quests as they are scheduled to end in a few days.
 In addition, we have compiled the full list of week two quests that will help you earn XP.

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