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What Is Red Planet Day 2022? Date, Significance, Facts, And More

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What Is Red Planet Day 2022? Date, Significance, Facts, And More

(CTN News) – Every year on November 28th, Red Planet Day is celebrated in honor of the planet. There are four planets in our solar system, among them the Red Planet, also known as Mars or the Red Planet of the Solar System.

A dusty, cold desert world with a very thin atmosphere over its surface, the planet is located in a dusty, cold region. The dynamic nature of this planet is not only characterized by its seasons, polar ice caps, canyons, extinct volcanoes, and evidence of its past super activity, but it is also characterized by its dynamic atmosphere as well.

The history of Red Planet Day

It is customary to observe Red Planet Day on November 28 every year to commemorate the launch of Mariner 4, the first spacecraft to land on Mars.

This spacecraft was launched by NASA on November 28, 1964. After almost eight months of travel to the red planet, the spacecraft finally made a flyby of the planet on July 14, 1965.

The Mariner 4 spacecraft was developed to collect data during up-close flybys of Mars, thus enabling exploration of the planet and close-up scientific observations of the planet, as well as relaying that data back to people on Earth.

The significance of Red Planet Day 

There is no better time to discover more about our neighboring planet than on Red Planet Day when we can take advantage of the opportunity.

The most effective way to spread awareness of the day is to get interesting facts and share them with loved ones, friends, and coworkers. They will be aware of this fact as a result.

The Facts You Didn’t Know

  • A telescope was the first tool that allowed Galileo Galilei to view Mars through the eye of a telescope. The name of the planet, which is derived from the Roman deity who had a red appearance on the planet, is connected to its red appearance.

  • Because Mars has a greater distance from the Sun than Earth, the weather on Mars is composed of extreme temperatures due to its greater distance from the Sun. There can be a temperature range of -191 to +81 degrees Fahrenheit in a single day.

  • Approximately one third of Earth’s gravitational pull is due to the gravitational pull exerted by the Red Planet. It is due to the difference in gravity pull in space.

  • This means that a person weighing 100 pounds on Earth would only be able to weigh around 38 pounds in space due to the different pull of gravity.

  • The orbit of Mars is much slower to complete than that of the Earth because it is much farther from the Sun than the Earth. A “year” on Mars would last approximately 687 days, which is almost twice the length of a year on Earth. On Mars, a year lasts roughly 687 days.

  • In the vicinity of Mars, there are no rings to be seen.

  • A moon of Mars is named Phobos, while another is named Deimos, and they both orbit Mars.

It’s Red Planet Day, a day to celebrate Planets and share information about them. Wishing you a very happy Red Planet Day!


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