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What is an ERP System in Simple Words

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What is an ERP System in Simple Words

In simple words ERP system is a system for automating business processes of a company.

The main purpose of ERP-class systems is to increase the overall productivity of the enterprise by reducing the number of “manual” operations, collecting and accumulating data and streamlining business processes within the company.

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Here are a few signs that signal it’s time to change:

  • employees have to spend a lot of time on routine and simple tasks that are easy to automate;
  • it’s hard to get up-to-date information to make urgent decisions;
  • there are too many disparate products and programs that can not be combined into one, modules and tables are not transferred from one software to another;
  • there is no objective and timely data on stock balances, movement of finances, goods;
  • it is impossible to study and analyze reports outside the office, only from a particular computer in the workplace;
  • accounting documents are prepared for a very long time;
  • all sales and communication with customers in general cannot be complicated;
  • it is difficult for departments to communicate with each other;
  • if there is an IT department, it functions with great difficulty;
  • there is no appropriate level of control over the actions of staff.

What an ERP system consists of

They are all, regardless of the developer, united by the same architecture.

There are only 3 main parts.

  1. Platform. This is a base with minimal capabilities, an environment in which the superimposed elements will work. Only the creator and his team may change anything in it.
  2. Money Control. This is where the database is stored, the methods of storing and processing arrays are considered, lying tools for interpretation, software to work with it.
  3. Modules. These are components that will be connected at will. Each of them has its own functionality and exists independently of the others.

To reduce the likely risks and remain confident that implementation is necessary, it is worth conducting a more thorough analysis of the company and what will change with its introduction.

Where to get an ERP system for an enterprise

There are three ways to get software that will help plan resources.

  • Create your own product. If you write everything completely on your own, there is a risk of getting a non-working product with a lot of bugs that will create big problems during operation.
  • Buy a ready-made platform. If you make the right choice and order the customization, you will receive the standard software, but it works perfectly with your tasks. Here you will have to ask for the constant or regular support of the developer.
  • Order the development by professionals. This is more expensive, but there is a probability of obtaining a result that will be fully customized to the desires and needs of the business. It is worth taking into consideration that only 20% of all domestic developments have found application in companies. There is a risk of getting a low-quality product at a very high price.

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