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Why People Are Leaving Twitter For Mastodon: How does it Compare with Twitter?

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Why People Are Leaving Twitter For Mastodon How does it Compare with Twitter

(CTN News) – Since Oct. 27, when Elon Musk sealed a $44 billion agreement to acquire Twitter, he has found it difficult to allay worries about the potential spread of false information and hate speech on the website.

Some Twitter users have looked for alternate social media sites amid the uproar. Mastodon, with an estimated 4.5 million accounts, is one of the more well-known.

Mr. Musk, 51, tweeted at least three disparaging remarks about Mastodon on Monday before taking the tweets down.

Here are some important facts regarding social networks.


Mastodon, a “free, open-source decentralized social media network” introduced in 2016 by software engineer Eugen Rochko, calls itself “a viable alternative to Twitter.” The platform is named after an extinct elephant- and mammoth-related cousin.

Mastodon gGmbH, a nonprofit organization, based in Germany and run by Mr. Rochko, created its software. Requests for comments from the business received no response.

Since Mastodon is an open-source project, anybody may access, modify, and redistribute its original source code.


By spotting and resolving issues, introducing new features, and localizing Mastodon’s UI into other languages, anyone may contribute to the code that powers the social media platform.

There are problems with the way Mastodon works. Mastodon objected to the right-wing social media platforms Truth Social and Gab using its code.

Mastodon is aware that being free and open source entails a loss of control over who may use it.

You may use Mastodon using a web browser or by downloading one of its applications for iPhones and Android phones. Additionally, at least 20 independent applications have been created to access Mastodon.

People exclusively register for and post material on Twitter since it is a single social network. Mastodon is a federated platform, which refers to several social networks or servers that connect to one another but are controlled by various individuals or organizations.


The Fediverse, also known as the federated universe, is a collection of federated platforms that share communication protocols, and Mastodon is one of them.

Mastodon delivers posts chronologically rather than according to an algorithm, unlike Twitter.

Mastodon is also free of advertisements since donations mostly support it. Their users support the majority of servers.

Through Patreon, a platform for membership and subscription services often utilized by content producers, Mastodon receives funding for the servers it manages, Mastodon Social and Mastodon Online.

Although Mastodon looks like Twitter, its user interface is more like Discord, a messaging and chatting software where users may join servers with their own customs and guidelines.

Unlike Twitter and Discord, Mastodon cannot compel its users or those who own servers to take action.

This is part of establishing content moderation policies or guidelines for what postings to leave up and what to remove.

But in a shared stream of postings, servers may choose how they communicate with one another or whether they do so.

For instance, when Gab utilized Mastodon’s code, Mastodon Social and other independent servers banned Gab’s server, preventing posts from appearing on their users’ feeds.

You register for an account on a server to join Mastodon. You may access your account, profile, and feeds on this page.

On certain websites, you may register immediately, while on others, you need permission or an invitation.

Fediverse. party says there are at least 4,000 separate servers. There are other topical servers for Britain and “all the ravers in the cosmos.”

Your username also contains the server’s name, similar to an email address. For instance, might be a viable username on Mastodon Social. No matter which Mastodon server you register with, you may communicate with users on other servers or change to a different one.

After creating an account, you may publish “toots,” Mastodon’s equivalent of tweets. Additionally, you may “boost” other people’s toots, similar to retweeting.

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